EMB interview


Hi guys, I have an interview with EMB in Jan. could anyone who had it before share some questions or advice? Thanks very much!!!


Have you had yoru interview? Not heard much about the firm - what’s it like?


hey ritaliu i have an interview with EMB as well…have you already had yours? wat kind of questions did they ask…how was it? thanks



I had an interview with EMB for a Summer Internship. EMB’s recruitment process is quite different to other actuarial firms. The interview is very much based on getting to you as a person. The interviewer will base questions on your CV, and at different parts of the CV will ask you to elaborate on what you’ve written. From what I can remember, I don’t recall being asked many competency-based questions. As I say, their style of interviewing is slightly different and focuses on getting to know you better.

I don’t know if it remains the case, but the interviewer will ask you a couple of brainteasers.

Good luck


qwert; oh dats strange and good in a way i supose:) lol…so did u get the job in the end or u havent heard from them yet?


In October I had a first round interview with EMB for their Summer Internship at there Epsom office. I sadly did not get through to the next stage but I can tell you what happened with my first interview.

• Because they only had my CV and covering letter, they just asked me a few competency based questions on previous events in my life. They then asked me why I wanted to work for EMB, why I wanted to be an actuary and why I wanted to get a place on the Summer Internship. The only tough question I got was a brainteaser about a Camel carrying goods, I do think they like to use these brainteasers but I think they change very time. This was very hard and unexpected and they asked me why I was doing every step and what my thinking was.

• Overall my feedback from them was that I did not go into enough detail about what I had done in my life and that other applicants had shown greater aptitude with the brainteaser