'Elite derivatives graduate position' HELP!


Hi everyone
I have an interview for a graduate future trader position with a company that specialises within trading derivatives.

I’m obviously preparing but unsure of how much detail within this area l would be expected to know, this company trades on exchanges all over the world so am I expected to know the markets inside out?

The company is elite derivatives, the successful candidate will be put through a training programme, where then being fully backed as a business partner, where the profits are split.

I cant find out much about the compnay itself apart from whats on the web site, has anyone else heard of them?

Can anyone help with some advice please!!!



do you have to pay anything for this program?


Hummmmm I’ve only heard of it by word of mouth… heard the job is not salaried so you share your PnL with the company.
Seems quite dangerous because I guess you would have expenses (accommodation, living expenses, transportation and the like), and you might have to accept not earning enough money for 1 to 2 years.

Anyway, be very cautious about prop shops. For most of them, trading with them is no more “building a career” than being their customers (yes they charge every of your transactions AND/OR they take a percentage of your PnL). Even worse, some companies ask you for an upfront payment (2,000 to 5,000) for the use of the material.

Basically you cost them nothing, they do not have much to risk with you.

I dont know how true this is, because I’ve never been with them. But it might be worth checking the info, which I cannot right now because the website is offline???