EIB 2013 Assesments-Cubix


Hello all!

This is the first time I am applying to a banking related job, and for the second time, I am offered an online assessment!

It is explained that I need to take
Problem Solving C (adapted)
RfB Business Support Numerical B EIB (unsupervised)

through Cubix.

The job title is simply: ‘EconomisT’

There are two test profiles in Cubix
tests for Manager and Graduate Level and tests for Business Support

Which one do I need to prepare for? Does anybody have any idea on the tests offered by EIB or Cubix?
Is there a clear-cut passing limit (i.e. you have to do 50% of the questions for a passing level) or do they rank the examinees and let the upper ones take the second level assesments?

Thank you!