EE Technology Graduate Scheme


I emailed them yesterday which they state is their main form of communication, still no response from them as of today though.


I have just emailed them at the address to see if there was any updates. Do you have a less generic address to try?


Sorry unfortunately not, wish I did though… Has anyone else received any updates from EE?


nothing :frowning:


What schemes did everyone apply for? I’m on the Business one


I applied for the HR Scheme but nonetheless best of luck to you on that endeavour.


Well I’ve finally recieved a rejection email from the folks at EE, more applicants than I could compete with I suppose but as I said, best of luck to everyone else.


Don’t know why I am still asking because I should take no news as a nope, but… Did you get any answer about your video interview?


I sent an email to them and they replied saying that they had some unforseen circumstances and that the finance assessment centre won’t be until 9th of July or so, said they’d come back to me soon…Still nothing.


did you email them to ? cause I did it as well there but they did not answer… I’m in the business one!


Yeah I just replied to the email they sent me when they first apologised for delay.


Yes I applied, just did the video interview. how about yourself?

Did they just ask you the generic questions?


I’m applying yianloa123. What sort of questions do they ask during the video interview?


Anyone know what sort of questions they ask for the video interview?


I applied for finance.I only did the SJT.Did you do any numerical or verbal before video interview?


Hi, have you been invited for the assessment centre?


Waiting to hear back from Video Interview; didn’t do that great so not to optimistic. Anybody have any idea of how long the wait is?