EE Technology Graduate Scheme


I did some stalking on forums about it last year and it’s looking like they’ll just call you to invite you to the AC, also the results of the online tests are up on your profile if you want to look at that, not sure how important they are.

P.S You have a fantastic name


The performance scheme. I’m so nervous, I hate this waiting game! Good luck!!


Yeah I had a look at the test results. I thought they give us percentages but it’s ranked instead.


Same. That’s why I’m a bit unsure. I’d really love to hear that this week, it’d make a fantastic birthday present!

P.s. Haha thanks :smiley:


Hi guys, has anyone heard anything back after the video interview yet?


Hey! I got an email last Friday apologising for the delay and saying that due to the overwhelming response from applicants, they wouldn’t get the to me about whether or not I’m through to the next stage until the mid June for the assessment centre which is scheduled for the 17th of June.

It seemed to be HR specific so if you didn’t get one, I wouldn’t panic.


Yeah I think they were scheme specific, I’ve applied for the Brand and Marketing scheme and received an email last Friday too saying I would hear back by the end of next week for ACs to start beginning of June.


Hi !

I have the video interview and I am a bit nervous… I’ve never made one of this. Could you tell which kind of questions they asked you? any advice?
I’ve applied for the Business Grad.

Good luck for everyone! :slight_smile:


Hi guys!

Does anyone know something about the video interview? did they answer? Took mine last tuesday and no news…


As far as I know, no one has heard any news yet. I got an email saying I wouldn’t hear back until mid June for the assessment centre on the 17th of June. That’s for the HR scheme at least. I did my video interview mid April and didn’t get that email until mid May. So definitely don’t worry yet!


I got the same email yesterday telling the AC is scheduled for mid-june as well, but they couldn’t review my interview yet.

Good luck !! :slight_smile:


Anything yet?


no news…


Nothing yet, maybe EE should invest in significantly adding to their HR department…


Got an email yesterday. I didn’t get it. Good luck to you guys!


sorry to hear that… Good luck for the future processes :slight_smile:


Anyone hear anything yet? It’s mid June and I still haven’t heard anything as they promised in their email. I’ve applied for the finance scheme. Should I take this as a no?


Nothing yet, and I don’t know but think i’ve read the AC is scheduled for the 17th…


Yeah i’m on the same boat, did the video interview and was told to anticipate a response by mid June which it is now with assessment centres for successful applicants taking place on the 17th. No mention of location or anything, this process is taking longer to unravel than I anticipated I hope everyone hears back from them soon.


Has anyone tried to contact them?