EE Technology Graduate Scheme


Anybody apply for EE Graduate scheme?


I applied to the performance scheme, did the three online tests now just waiting to hear back


I applied to the technology scheme, waiting to hear the results of the tests too.


How do you think you got on? I’ve passed these tests before for other schemes but for some reason I think I might have failed numerical, last 6 questions really caught me out


I did numerical well but not the situational.


Has anyone applied for the EE performance graduate scheme?


I applied for the EE performance graduate scheme. I through to the video interview stage. Does anyone have any advice for this stage?


Same scheme and just got the video interview email, looking everywhere for video interview advice ha please post if you find anything!


Yes, it is so hard. I’ve been looking everywhere but there isn’t much. It seems that they only started doing video interviews last year. Yes if I find anything I’ll let you know. If you find anything please let me know too. Thanks


hii i applyed for EE too, i got the email for the video interview but have not completed it yet. any tips from your video interview


I haven’t done mine yet. What about you? Any tips?


Hi James, have you done your phone interview yet?


Hi James, have you done your video interview yet? Any tips ?


Has anyone been offered a place at the assessment day yet?


Not yet, what about you?


No Not yet, just trying to work out if anyone had and when they’ll start telling people


Yeah, me too. It’s so nerve recking! Do you know how many people applied this year? How did you find the video interview?


Oh good I was starting to get a little worried. Hopefully we hear soon! Do you know if we’ll get notified by email or phone call?


Which scheme did you apply for? I assume it’s by email…not 100% sure.


The HR scheme, you? Cool.