EE Graduate Scheme 2014



I’m just wondering if anyone has applied for the EE 2014 Grad scheme yet?


I have. What scheme did u apply for?


Hi Meena,

I applied for the Finance scheme and been sent tests today. How about you?


i applied for the customer service scheme. just did my situational judgement test today. what test did you do?


I’m at the same stage, doing the situational judgement test


I wonder what the video interview will be like. I’ve never done one before


im guessing it will be like a telephone interview…just on video lol


Ha and we can’t look at our notes. Have you been sent the other tests yet?


No I haven’t. Have you?


No I still haven’t got them yet. You heard anything now?


Hi, I’ve applied for EE graduate scheme too and have completed the SJT. I had been sent the verbal and numerical test yesterday and have 5 days to complete this set of test too. Hopefully all goes well and I get to the video interview.


Hi, When did you do your SJT? And what role did you apply for? Best of luck :slight_smile:


Hi Hanzo,
I did my SJT on the 26th and I’m applying for finance scheme. Just doing a bit of practice for the verbal test as that’s my weakest point at the moment. Best of luck to your application too!


You’re doing better than me then! I did my SJT just before you and haven’t heard anything yet : /. Verbal is difficult to practice for, I think I usually read the question first and before reading the paragraph of text to search for the answer.


Oh I see, I’m sure you’ll be hearing from them quite soon :). I agree that verbal is difficult to practice for and I will be taking your tips into consideration, thanks. I’m going to be doing a load of them tonight along with my proper tests hopefully if I feel confident enough to do it today.


I’m in the same boat as Hanzo. Did my SJT on the 24th. Haven’t heard anything back. Did any of u get a confirmation email after u completed the SJT??


Nope, no confirmation of my completion of the SJT test at all. After my SJT test I just received an email letting me know that I had passed the SJT and now have two further tests to complete before I reach the video interview stage.


Guess I’ll wait till the end of this week. If I don’t hear anything back. I might just sit my butt down at my current job lol. Thanks for your update. Will drop a comment on here if I hear anything back soon.


At least you have a job! I have nothing at the moment and I’m desperate for a job as I’m sitting on my backside all day haha. Will also post updates on my application as they come.


Awww. Best of luck with your application :slight_smile: