EE Graduate Marketing scheme 2017

The Graduate

Any updates?


What stage are you in the recruitment process?


Been waiting 7 weeks to hear back after completing the video interview… was told I’d hear back this week


did you call them up or send them an email? I was thinking of doing one or the other


There is no phone number… email only


Any updates guys?


Just got the invite for the AC… good luck to everyone else


Hi all,

Can someone remember video interview questions at all and be happy to share them please? Any advice will be very much appreciated


Hi! I’ve been invited to take the video interview for the same role. How did you find it? :slight_smile:


Anyone else heard back yet for the AC?


What scheme have you applied for?


Project delivery


Has anyone applied for a finance scheme and heard back for the AC?


Hi all,

I’ve been invited to an assessment centre on Tuesday 11th July anyone else got their assessment centre then too and knows what we can expect?



Have you been invited to the assessment centre?


Which scheme?



No. Not heard anything yet. I completed my VI on the 25ht of June and judging from the some comments I may have a long wait ahead of me.
Which scheme did apply for? How long has it taken them to get back to you after you VI?


Hi what scheme did you apply for ?


Hi. I also applied this role but I don’t know if I got through to the assessment centre or now. How about you ?


Have you been invited to the assessment centre ?