EE Graduate Marketing scheme 2017

The Graduate

I just received this email-


Remember us? We haven’t forgotten you. We’re just dropping you a line to let you know we’re still interested in your application and are in the process of reviewing processing all video interviews.
So please sit tight and we’ll be in touch soon.

If you’ve changed your mind about working with EE, that’s fine too. Just take yourself along to your profile, sign in and withdraw your application.

All the best

The EE Recruitment Team

But this is because I’ve been emailing them every week!


yeh just got the same email


Hopefully means we’re still in it


I applied for digital grad scheme.I received the same email.Fingers crossed.


Hey everyone, I also received that e-mail. Has anybody received a follow up email? Didn’t realise the process would take this long…


hey dude,

wishing you all the best for the results. do you remember what questions you were asked ?


hey there. do you remember any of the questions? x



Competency based questions, such as -

When have you adapted to change?

When have you used your own initiative?

and couple others I can’t remember. But again, just be yourself and make sure you use your background experience for most answers.


heard anything yet? have you tried to contact them?


Nothing since that automated email! Is there a telephone number we can call?


don’t think so…only email


They re-opened the role I applied for, which really confuses me? I don’t get what they are doing


yes i saw that… doesn’t look promising


Hey guys, has anyone heard back from the video interview for strategy and project delivery role? Thank you :slight_smile:


no just got an email couple of weeks ago saying they’re still interested in the application and still reviewing them


hey, can I ask what sort of questions you were asked during the video interview? Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi guys,

I’m a bit confused since a lot of you have been waiting ages to hear back about the next stages. Applied last Monday for the project delivery role because the job was still open and have just been invited to the video interview stage. They seem to have been quite speed so far.


I did my video interview 6 weeks ago lol


I done my video interview on the 3rd of May lol


I just finished my Video interview. Just wanted to know everyone’s experience and if they have been sucessfull