EE Graduate Marketing scheme 2017

The Graduate

Hi guys,
I have just been invited for a video interview with EE for the graduate marketing scheme. I was just wondering if anyone has had any experience with the video interview and also, the assessment centre stage that follows after the video interview?
So far, i have only been issued the situational judgemental test. Will i be issued any more other tests including a numeracy test etc in the upcoming stages?


I also got a VI for EE this past week, how did you find it?


Hi I’ve done my VI, I’m still waiting to get feedback, its been almost 2 weeks since I’ve done it. All of the questions were pretty simple, apart from 1 curve ball that I did not expect.
Has anybody heard back from them?


Hi, I took the VI last week, still waiting for feedback, please let me know if anyone had a feedback for the VI interview


Hi azgeda17 have you heard from them yet?


Hi I have not heard from them yet, I’ve read a few old forums and apparently they do take some time


I applied for the strategy and project delivery grad scheme and still waiting to hear back after completing the video interview couple weeks ago


I also applied for the strategy and project deliver graduate scheme, only completed mine last week though. How did everyone find theirs?


did you do the video interview aswell?




Had the VI ok, Was a bit nervous though as usual. Simple questions, I applied for Digital scheme , they asked about change, company, role, your degree, was simple.




Did it couple weeks ago


Ok, let us know when you get a feedback, did mine on the 8th of May


Will do :slight_smile:


has anyone asked them when the assessment day is supposed to be? (strategy and project delivery)


have you had any updates? still waiting to hear back from my video interview? I also applied to the same stream as you


nothing yet. still waiting too.


sent them an email last week, got no reply haha! but imagine them to come back to us quite soon as it’s been 3 weeks for me. I just hope they actually do reply as some grad companies don’t even bother if you’ve been unsuccessful.


received anything yet?