Anyone applied for EE?


Yep. I just completed the verbal reasoning test not too long ago.


how did the test go - was it hard?


It wasn’t hard per say but its a lot more pressurized than the practice tests. You have 19 minutes to complete 30 questions and the statements were a bit long-winded. I had been scoring between 73ish-89 percentile on my first (practice) tries so I’m hoping I did well enough. I’m a lot better at the numerical so I’ll probably have a go at it later/tomorrow.


okay, im gonna do my in a couple hours. i’ll let you know how it goes.


Thanks and good luck.


Any luck, how did it go for you?


the verbal was okay for I managed to answer it all - the timing was tight though, the numerical was alright, I don’t really like SHL the way they do their questions, but I guess we’ll see how it goes. How was the numerical for you?


The verbal was okay, I managed to answer all the question in the tight timing. The numerical was alright as well.So we’ll see what happens. How was the numerical for you?


It was good, I didn’t find it as hard as the assessmentday numericals but I might have got thrown off a bit with some of the currecny ques. I did managed to complete it within the time so I hope did enough.


Got an email today to do an online situational judgement test…and if I pass that another test…?? how many tests do they want me to take :-/

Did everyone pass the first stage of online tests


Just got my email as well, really excited. I think these might be the last two before the actual interview, at least that’s what the email seems to indicate.


Yeah wonder what type of test the next one would be.


Hi Guys,

I just finished the situational judgement test. But not heard anything back yet. How’s it going for you guys?


Dont have much free time till end of the week so will have to wait. Were there many questions ? its un timed right?


hey I’ve just finished all my tests and I’m waiting… has anyone had a telephone interview yet? good luck to everybody! :slight_smile:


@tk_88 by all, do you mean you’ve done the test after the situational judgement? If so I would really like to know what comes next.


yeah i’ve done the numerical and verbal reasoning test and then the situational test… is there another one? i think they were supposed to send me the situational judgement test first and then the other two because the email for the situational judgement test suggests that there are more tests following while the email inviting me to do the numerical and verbal reasoning tests says that if i pass those two, a telephone interview and then it says “The assessment then follows.” im guessing its an assessment day?


im through to the situational test also…@Pirrum & @tk_88 could you possible share any tips please? and congrats Nickmd!!


my email says after the situational test there is one more test then a telephone interview…then assessment day, their process is longer than the norm