Editor, London 2012 (BBC)


Hi everyone,

I recently applied for the Editor, London 2012 position advertised on the BBC’s job site. I only submitted my application on Tuesday, but I am really impatient and was wondering whether anyone else has applied for this and heard back yet either way?

Thank you!


I haven’t applied for this, but I have worked at the BBC and had a good look at how they process applications myself. All I can say is, there will probably be over 100 applicants per place, so it will take them some time to get through it all!



Thanks Chris.

I suppose I should just try being patient… : )



I hope you got the job! Can I just ask you something??? Do you know how long I shall wait to hear back from the BBC after applying? 12 days have passed now since the application deadline and I am starting to get a bit nevous! It’s a possition at BBC Worldwide (non trainee or workexperience). Thanks!