EDF UK 18-19 June Assessment Center at Gloucester anyone?


I am invited to the assessment center at the mentioned time. Just wondering if anyone here is going there as well?

Leave me a note if you are going from Manchester :smiley:


I’m also going to the assessment centre tomorrow - not going from Manchester though! What scheme are you there for?


Mechanical Engineering


Ah cool, I am going for Sustainability. See you there!


Cy and GL! :smiley:


Hi Shaxiao0911,

Would u mind sharing how your assessment day went?? thanks


who has an assessment centre for July? i’ve been invited for 23rd and 24th July…


Hi there,

Just wanted to know which scheme have you applied for?..I passed the telephone interview and havent heard back yet.


electrical control and instrumentation


Same here…Waiting for the call!!


Hello every one,

Please do could you share your experience of the day, what should one expect, any tips you will like to pass on. What sort of questions where asked. Please any information shared will be highly appreciated.


bump - this would be really helpful info if anyone can help :slight_smile: