EDF GROUP (France) face to face interview. Any advice?

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Hey! I passed the telephone i!nterview and I am preparing for the face to face Interview which will be in London, this Friday! As I was informed, I will be through some psychometric tests and online assessment of my behavioural competencies, followed by a 45min interview with the consultant of the recruitment company and a 5-10 min conversation with a French speaker to give an indication of my level of understanding. This vacancy is for France only, so the recruitment process is different to that of EDF Energy (which is for the UK). Do you have any advice?Anyone gone to this type of interview? What about the conversation in french? Thanks.


Hi Elez
Have you had your face to face interview yet? I came across this which might help, although you might have seen it-

I have a telephone interview on Thursday, do you mind telling me what sort of questions they ask this year? Would very much appreciate it, cheers!


Yeah I had a look at it! Thanks! It was really helpful!!
The questions were pretty much what I was expected.
-What do you know about EDF?
-Why EDF?
-Why this role?
-Why you?/have you studied any relative modules?
There were also some questions regarding my CV, such as: state the main responsibilities and what you gained through your work experience in…
em… it was pretty simple and straigthforward. and the interviewer was very encouraged and very very polite! Also, he asked me if I will be able to refresh my french for the purposes of the job, they pay so much attention on french!
Hope this helps! and good luck:))


Hi Elez&Bill,

Did you get through to the final round? How was your interviews and the French aspect?



I just passed my telephone interview with EDF energy for the business information system graduate role, Elez was absolutely right, there were questions about why EDF energy, Why this role, 3 competency based question like when u have changed something, demonstrated emotions at work and when you have made difficult decision.

Now i look forward to the next assessment stage.
I have had so much from this site, i thought it would be nice to chip in something as well.

Good luck to every one.


Please does any one know the turn around time for EDF energy to schedule an Assessment day of Face to face interview from when they have confirm one has passed the telephone interview.

They confirm that i have passed the telephone interview but they are yet to confirm if I would be progressing to the next stage or not, according to the email i received.