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hello I was wondering if anyone has been to the EDF group interview. I dont know if it is the same as EDF energy but the graduate scheme is different 3-5 years in france working on a nuclear plant and then UK. I have an interview coming up.


Is this the telephone interview or face to face?


face to face


Ok, i did the phone interview (didn’t pass)… the lady said it was in french if that helps good luck sounds like a cool job!


Thx. I hope it is in french as it is my first language lol. Sorry u did not pass the tel interview.


I had a telephone interview on Wed 2nd March for the same thing: 3 years in France, then the UK. I havn’t heard anything from them since. Starting to get a bit worried. Any ideas as to how long it will take?



Hey guys. I was invited for the final round for that scheme (13-15april)/ 3-5 years in france as well after UK. I got the answer 4 days after my face to face interview on the 8th of march. Do u have any idea on what to expect?


Hi Liberwoman,

How did you final interview go? Did you get the job? How long did you have to wait until you heard back from them after the interview?


Hello every one, I just got an invite to the telephone interview for EDF energy Business Information Systems management.

Please any body that has gone through this stage should please give me some clue. I am soo nervous. Any advice at all would be highly appreciated.