EDF Energy Telephone Interview (Engineering) Any advice and info?

EDF Energy

Hi everyone, I’ve applied to EDF Energy for a graduate position in the engineering. I have a telephone interview coming up next week. Has anyone else done an interiew with them (for the engineering sphere or otherwise). If anyone has any info on the interiew, the company etc I’d really appreciate it, cheers.


I had an interview with them but for a commercial role.

It was mainly competency.

Why have you applied to your role?
Why edf?
Telll me a time you had to work under pressure?
Tell me a time you worked in a team?
What skill do you think you possess.

It wasnt a long interview. However I will suggest you practice competencies… It may not be 100% the same for you so practice on a broader scale.


Thanks Favour001, I think it is useful to my preparation really. I’ll have mine on Wed. Finger crossed. Thanks again.