EDF Energy Telephone Interview - Any advice?!

EDF Energy

Hi everyone,
I’ve applied to EDF Energy for a graduate position in the legal sector. I have a telephone interview coming up this week. Has anyone else done an interiew with them (for the legal sphere or otherwise). If anyone has any info on the interiew, the company etc I’d really appreciate it, cheers.


Hi, I will resume this thread for the purposes of future reference for anyone else who is applying to EDF. I applied for a graduate nuclear engineer position (by submitting my CV to EDF France) in May 2009. Received a surprise telephone call 8 weeks later with a telephone interview - I was totally unprepared to say the least. It was a general interview, nothing too taxing. From what I can rememeber…

“Can you tell me a bit more about your presentations you did?”

  • as I had listed some relevant presentations I performed through my MSc to do with nuclear technology. So I briefly described the outlines, finished off with my grades and how much I enjoyed it.

“Why EDF?”

  • classic question for any interview. Simple: do your research - what factors differentiate EDF from other multinational energy companies (who are the main rivals?), their position in the market, the services they offer, how you relate to their company values etc.

“Why did you apply to this position?”

  • everyone has a different answer, just show your enthusiasm and knowledge. You do have a reason right?

“The position will involve relocating to France for 3-5 years, how do you feel about this?”

  • if you mean it, say you will commit! DO NOT start with, “well I would like to start in the UK…” if this question gives you doubts, the job isn’t for you.

“The job will involve working in teams where 90% are native French speakers, how do you feel about this?”

  • the job description asked for some French knowledge (I only have A* GCSE) but I put across I was bilingual (chinese), have travelled a lot and appreciate culture etc. and that I’m a supremely keen learner, I thrive on teaching myself new skills and that learning a language is something I really want.

Went well enough and got another phone call back today inviting me for an interview in London in a couple of days. They definately don’t like giving you prep time!


Great post sighman! How did it go in London? What did you have to do? Did you get the job?

Hope you did! :slight_smile:



Hey guys. I went to London for the 3rd stage interview (1st was CV application, 2nd was telephone interview). This 3rd stage was essentially another screening stage.

The interview was at 3pm and lasted 2hrs 30mins - I knew this in advance from the email. The first 1hr 30min or so was psychometric tests that were to test “your behavourial and decision-making style”.

The first test was untimed and consisted of statements such as “I want to have a major career change every 5-10 years”, “I want to become majorly specialised in one sector” or “I want superficially involved project managerial roles across many sectors” and you choose between strongly disagree or strongly agree. Not really a test, it’s just to see your motives and personality. Bear in mind it’s the same as tests a lot of companies do online, except with EDF, I guess you go there in person to ensure you’re actually doing it yourself.

The second test was untimed and was a kind of verbal reasoning exercise. You read a paragraph, typically with business context, which is followed by a number of statements. You then need to decide if those statements are related to the paragraph or not, again, on a scale of strongly disagree to strongly agree. You’re then given new information and asked whether this affects your initial answers.

The third test was a timed logical reasoning exercise, like an IQ test. So you’re given a series of patterns and then asked which one comes next from a multiple choice selection. I think there was 25 minutes to answer 25 of these and get progressively harder. I finished with 7 minutes to go so it’s entirely feasible that they expect you to be able to do it all.

After a 15 minute break I had an informal interview with a Korn/Ferry International consultant (the talent acquisition firm who are responsible for the CV screening, telephone interview and this interview so you’re not actually talking to EDF yet). We talked about my CV, my employment, experience, and the same questions as the telephone interview came up again. Why? Perhaps because to ensure you are consistent in your answers, to ensure it was actually you on the phone, or perhaps the consultant on the phone didn’t give her my first answers. The reason shouldn’t matter, just answer them well and put across you are actually human and can interact and communicate well (something a CV or telephone interview can’t fully convey).

So, I was told that the results of the psychometric tests and the report the consultant would write would be forwarded with my CV and a covering letter (which she asked me to write and submit asap) to EDF. THEY will decide your progression to the 4th and final interview stage and will be a more technical interview to assess your knowledge, experience and competencies. There is no assessment centre. I’m waiting for a call at some point this week.

Do note that this vacancy isn’t the exact same as EDF UK’s graduate nuclear scheme - what I applied for is with Espace recrutement with EDF France. From what I can see, the benefits are slightly different (financially) and slightly different requirements but the common goal is to turn you into world class nuclear engineer. I can’t confirm whether EDF UK schemes employ the same interview process.


hi sighman

Did you get anymore news about the next stage?
I did see this job few months ago but didnt apply, was worried my french wasnt good enough, ive just learnt on my own.
are they looking for more people again next year do you think?



Hi Denis,

I just got a call today that I’m through to the next (supposedly final) stage with EDF staff on Thursday (23rd Jul) in London.

I got this vacancy through the Graduate Recruitment Bureau and also doubted my own level of French, all I have is an A* at GCSE so it’s been some years since I uttered a single word of French. There is emphasis that French language training is part of the package so I’m counting on my basic French skills, combined with already being bilingual (chinese) and demonstrating that picking up another language is something I can do. I was told there are ongoing applicants with zero French experience. You have to realise not all candidates will tick all the requirements, it’s about seeing how well each one of us fit. So as long as you’re motivated for nuclear, for EDF, and can demonstrate the competencies, then French language is not a setback, it’s just another skill you can learn. The fact you are teaching yourself puts you in good stead for, hopefully, another intake next year.

Do note that the EDF UK Graduate Nuclear scheme will reopen this September, and has largely the same requirements as (if I recall) the UK scheme also suggests French language knowledge and the necessity to work in France then come back to UK. I’m not sure how long the scheme I’m applying for has been open, nor can I comment on if they’re looking for more next year. Common sense tells me the world needs a lot more nuclear engineers over many years to drive this low-carbon transition. Check EDF UK, E.on, British Energy (now owned by EDF), Sellafield, Magnox in Sept - I sure will if this EDF opportunity falls through.

Are you in the midst of any recruitment processes for such companies?


hi there

I was just browsing the net and did a search for edf recruitment as I too have the final interviews tomorrow in london and I find this! Very detailed breakdown, its a pity you cant give me tips on my interview before I have it! Well done on getting this far, I’ve been told there were a LOT of applicants.
Feel free to send me a private msg if you wish.




I havent yet applied as Ive missed most of the deadlines so im waiting for things to open up in september but there do seem to be quite a few companies for nuclear now. edf, british energy etc. i think rolls royce are starting something but not sure on that.
how did the recruitment go by the way? im looking to intensively start leaning french and german, possbily rwe in germany is an option.



Hi guys, good news, I had the technical and HR interview last Thursday (2 interviews back to back) and I got a job offer today! I’m heading to the CIDEN division in Lyon, France who deal with decommissioning and environmental issues.

There indeed does seem to be an increasing demand for nuclear-related engineers across all major firms. I think I’ve demonstrated that you don’t need first class language skills in French, because at the end of the day, it is just another ‘hard’ skill you can learn. If you have the ‘soft’ skills and motivations EDF are looking for and can demonstrate these, then you are within an excellent shot.

I hope my input has been useful. I’ll try dig out what was involved in the final interview and write it up. If nothing appears for a while, just reply/pm and remind me!

Au revoir, best of luck all


Congratulations! its been good to see the info from start to finish about the whole process.
Good luck with that.
I’ll start my application proccess soon and see what happens!



Well done sighman. I too was offered a role so good news all round!
I can only emphasise what he’s said already, do your research into the company and industry, show that you have a passion for working for them, understand the nuclear industry inside out, pros cons etc.

Good luck!


wht did they ask you in the technical interview?As it can give guideline to the other graduates.


Hi mfaisaljaved,

I’m now in France and I left my notebook back in the UK with most of the interview questions in it. From memory, the technical interview was not as technical as I expected. I remember spending the nights leading up to the interview reading up on my MSc work, my projects on nuclear fusion, fission and producing hydrogen from future nuclear power thinking they would grill me on it but I had zero questions on any of it. 1st ‘technical interview’ with 2 engineering team leaders went like…

The classic and highly overlooked “tell me about yourself” introduction
Why do you want to work for EDF? (for the 3rd time throughout the interview process)
What interests you in this field? Why are you choosing nuclear? What led you up this path?
Why choose EDF?
What issues do you think are nuclear industry facing?
Can you tell me about a time you worked in a team? Issues, solutions etc.
What kind of work do you want to get involved with?
Where do you see yourself in 5, 10 years?
Discussed employment history (show you’re not a bum on the dole)
Discussed outside interests (show you’re human and have personality)
How do you feel about moving to France? Picking up a language?

To be honest, questions that any website when you Google “interview questions” will list. The 2nd HR interview with 2 HR staff went like…

Tell me about yourself, in French if possible
Why do you want to work for EDF?
Why EDF?
What areas do you want to get involved in?
Do you have a preference for a division/geographical location?
Where do you see yourself, how do you see yourself progressing in EDF?
Discussed more in-depth about employment history, positions, skills, behaviour etc.
Discussed more in-depth about outside interests, sports, likes, dislikes etc.
Discussed about French language ability/experience
How do you feel about moving to a new country with completely new environment/language/people/food?
If I got an offer, how long would it take me to make a decision?
What other options do you currently have?

So there was a degree of overlap in questions, could well be intentional to check your consistency. Questions here, I guess, are more behavourial as can be expected in a HR-type interview.

Disclaimer: no idea if the EDF Energy UK one is the same process, or if the EDF France one will be the same next year!


Hey!! I have an interview coming up as well, third stage, including psychometric test and as such. They told me that there would be a 5-10 minute talk with someone to assess my french knowledge and understanding. At that point I was wondering what type of questions are probably “on the table”. Sighman you mentioned a few but how many of those were actually in french and which ones ?! At that stage will the cover letter be written by you, there and send then?


I’m assuming you are applying to EDF (France) through Futurestep/Korn Ferry, and not EDF Energy (UK) with a 2-year secondment to France. Both are entirely separate schemes - I have nothing to do with the latter.

Back in 2009, my interviews were conducted entirely in English! There was no French requirement since EDF’s train of thought was “how hard can it be to train ze English to speak French?”. Turns out, much harder than anticipated. Our feedback to EDF was they are ridiculous to employ non-French speakers and expect us to hit the ground running so soon. Because of this, you lot are now all subjected to French language assessment - sorry :wink:

After the 3rd stage interview, I was asked to submit a cover letter within the next couple of days by email.


Aww! This sucks!! Well, I hope for the best, thank you!


Hey playbelli, have you had your 3rd stage interview yet?
I hope it went well?
What questions did they ask you?
ow was the french assessment?
Thanks !!


Hi Sighman, thank you so much for sharing your experience!!!
Now that you are working at EDF how has it been?
Where you offered a lot of opportunities in these last few years?

Thanks :slight_smile:


Hello guys, I’m preparing for the online interview for the electrical engineering graduate scheme and was wondering if anyone of you has any hints on the sort of questions I will get ?


has anyone been interviewed ( video ) for the electrical/instrumentation engineering scheme? could you please list the questions that you were asked.