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Hi, has anyone experienced telephone interview at EDF for the business analyst role. It would be good to share what kind of questions they ask and how your experience was with me?


Maybe this thread could help? http://www.wikijob.co.uk/forum/energy-utilities/edf-telephone-interview?page=10



i got a numerical test from EDF Energy, can you share how is it please.



It’s basically the standard SHL test. Data analysis and nothing too difficult. Good luck!


@ymm3 thanks a lot, you too good luck with your app



How long does it take to get response from EDF after submitting application online.


did any one receive email regarding assessment centre? basically i have been getting mails that they still considering my application and that i should be patient! dunno whats happening!


I have my telephone interview for the EDF Energy Nuclear Engineering Scheme. Would really appreciate any tips . Thanks!


@missdee, read through all the previous posts. Everything you need to know has already been answered previously. You can find all the questions they might ask too.
Managed to help me through the phone interview.


oh thanks. it was pretty nice. Hopefully a get a positive feedback. Did u apply for the Engineering scheme too?


Same here yodadcoda, got an email recently saying they are still collating the list however the assessment center will be in first week of february and they shall confirm if i would be invited for the assessment center.


Hi everyone! has anybody applied for HR and please how is telephone interview please? I have got some likely questions from the forum but I do not know if it is the same with all program, thanks.


Got that same email on the 9th saying they would get back to me within 2 weeks with a decision but still nothing. you guys heard anything yet?


I got the same email saying that my application is still under consideration. anyone knows what this year’s AC will be like? hope we can go through to AC soon. finger crossed.


Got an email today saying still under consideration and will get an answer within the next week to 10 days. The assessment Center will be on 12th and 13th of feb (both days) and will be a 24 format. Anyone know what a 24 format is?


Got the same mail as Dreamjob888 for the position of a Biz Analyst. Praying for the best!



I got an email saying that I performed well at telephone interview and they are still very much considering my application. And also one about the assessment centre, but not had confirmation whether I have been given a place on the assessment centre.



I got that email too! But I have no idea what 24 format is either…


Hi, is anyone applied for Marketing industrial placement scheme? I passed the online test and booked a telephone interview next Tuesday. Don’t know if the questions are the same for all position.
So anxious! Hope we will all receive positive news!


Hi, how long after the telephone interview did you get correspondence from them please I had my telephone interview on Tuesday and not a single mail after the interview, I keep checking my mail and nothing at all from them.