EDF Commercial Graduate AC


Has anybody has an any info about EDF ACs? I’ve been invited for 2-day AC for Commercial stream, however they are not giving anything away about the tasks in AC. Thanks in advance!!


Hi, is this the commercial management scheme?


Congrats. When did u apply and when was ur telephone interview, how long did it take to get a feedback from EDF?


try this: http://www.wikijob.co.uk/forum/energy-utilities/edf-telephone-interview


Hi, this is EDF Energy Commercial Management Scheme. Applied in early October, had an interview on 8 December, they got back to me just about two weeks ago.

Has anyone been to their AC? I’d really appreciate any info you can share. Thanks!


thanks wikifan, read the link i sent, it might come useful


when is ur AC?


hey i have been invited for an AC at Gatwick on 24 & 25th March

I applied for the business management and IT scheme.

I do not know what happens in an AC this is my first A. Can any one help I am very stressed.