ED&F MAN experienced graduate programme


hey guys! not quite sure where this is supposed to go, but this section seems appropriate.
I wanted to see if anybody has applied to this programme? anybody hear anything back yet? Ive been invited to an assessment center and am not quite sure what to expect. ive attached a link to the original job advert. Maybe somebody can shed some light on this. It sounds like a very interesting position so naturally any help with getting the role would be greatly appreciated!





I’ve applied, got assessment centre mid December.
Likewise I’m not sure what to expect - guessing the usual BS group tasks, a couple of SHL tests,
Do you have any particular role in mind from the list on offer? I’m angling for one in particular which I think my background might give me the edge for.

BTW I just had a look at your link - it has changed since the time I applied, several from the list have disappeared… including the one I was gunning for. That either means, in my opinion, that they have filled the position, or they have queued up a load of people for assessment centres with those positions in mind. Very interesting to say the least.


Further to last message… all the positions remaining on your list are based in foreign countries. Which leads me to believe we are being assessed , in fact, for the london based positions.


yeah ive checked in to see if i could gain any more interview but they are being quite secretive about it. I think were interviewing for the London based positions, but the role sounds international enough. i was looking at the trader roles in particular, what about yourself? whats your angle / background? im a futures / options trader, so i think that sort of role would suit my background best. my experience in shipping, operations, logistics etc isnt very strong so im quite curious as to the specifics of the role. it does sound very exciting thou.

anyway, whens your interview date? are you in on the 16th too?


i will be having my AC soon… anyone else?

Any tips from previous attendants will be appreciated!

Many thanks.


I’ll give a decent answer to this later today when I have the time


right ill be as quick as i can.

  1. turn up, chat to the competition + HR squad, listen to some spiel for about 1.5 hours about ed&f man i.e. what their business is, a couple of talks from some of the seniors, a couple of talks from some juniors.

  2. HR will split the applicants in to a handful of smaller groups. I guess there will be about 18 of you in total, maybe 16. Off you go to a room, sit around a table, and you will each be handed a piece of card which has written on it a paragraph describing your “character”. You might get a pregnant woman, or a drug addict, or a surgeon etc.

  3. You get about 30 minutes to discuss amongst yourselves which of the characters should be saved from a sinking ship. Only half of you can be saved, so you have to argue your case. I suggest you try and get the group to do some voting system, and one-by-one take votes on whether to save/kill each character.

  4. At this stage all hell will break loose. Your competition will be shouting across each other to be heard, because all the while HR will be watching to see how you cope. Try and keep your head.

  5. Next task is also a group activity. You must split into groups and then spend 15 or 20 minutes discussing some issue. When I went, we had to come up with arguments in favour of investing in the London property market now, the opposing team had to come up with arguments as to why we should not invest in the London property market.

  6. After spending some time thinking about your arguments, you will all reconvene in a meeting room around a table, HR again will be watching to see how you react. You will all discuss your thoughts and try and convince the other team of who is correct.

  7. The next stage is 1 vs 1 interview, with a random HR lady.
    It will last about 40 minutes, you will most probably be asked why you have applied, what your strengths and weaknesses are, the biggest risk you ever took, what you could have done differently, are you entrepreneurial, what edge you have over the other applicants.

  8. You will find out the results of your maths test at this stage. It will be given in terms of percentile, versus a peer group of investment bank graduates (taken from 2006 apparently). I got 98th percentile. But, I failed to get through to the next stage so don’t give too much weight to how well you did.

That’s all I care to say, it covers everything in pretty good detail. Good luck.


Many thanks for your through reply. I really appreciate that.

When did they notify your rejection? also did you receive any feedback?



hi guys!
have any of you received already a job offer after assessment center?
i participated in the assessment center and for over 6 weeks still haven’t got any definite answer from them. they haven’t rejected me…
was trying to reach them but haven’t got any response to neither emails or calls…
could you share your experience after assessment center with them ?
maybe it’s just their style…