ED&F MAN experienced graduate programme Assesstment Centre?


Yesterday got an email from ED&F MAN with the following text:

“I am pleased to advise that you performed very well on the recent ability test for the ED&F Man Commercial Trainee Programme and we would like to invite you to an Assessment Centre at our global head office at London Bridge”

Does anybody has already been invited? or Participated in the Assesstment Centre or Comercial Trainee Programme??



Congratulations! I completed the test but haven’t heard back yet. How long did it take for you to hear back from them after completing the test?



Thanks! I’ve completed the test last Monday and got the invitation on Friday evening, although in the email from 7 City they said they will give you a feedback a week after completed. Hence response was faster than expected.

Good luck!


Hi draskale, I just received the email from 7city. How is you online ability assessment? difficulty? trading simulation, sounds scary!

Good luck to your AC!!


Thanks cshlss118.

Yes, basically is trading simulation. Keep it cool, you have to be very fast and very focused.
And well, Although is a simulation environment. it can be difficult if you never traded before because you have to cope with stress, numbers, speed and real life macroeconomic and political situations. My advice is, have fun and don’t take it very serious! is a Trainee Program exam!

Good luck!


Heard back on Friday about the assessment centre but haven’t heard when it is


Do you know if flights and hotel are paid?


Any news from the AC??


Did mine last tuesday - haven’t heard anything but assume if don’t hear anything by friday is probably a foregone conclusion!


Had mine yesterday and this was the last AC session. so they will contact us this week, I guess


How was the AC overall? Hard? Easy? Can you please elaborate a little bit - would be really grateful!


Any news so far??? Still wating for their feedback


No news, CityBoyX. I had my AC a couple of weeks ago…


Heard last friday that hadn’t got through (unsurprisingly!). Had my AC on the 20th March


Sorry to hear that cml12, I had mine on the 26th.

unsurprisingly? Did you feel that your performance wasnt that good? For which position did you apply?



any news on the panel assessment? I haven’t received any invitation…


No news (i.e. feedback) from my side. I had my AC about 4 weeks ago.


have you tried to call them? that’s bizarre because I already had my face-to-face interview and currently waiting for an invitation to the panel assessment interview.


No, I think I won’t bother calling them on this… If they are interested they will eventually get back to me, I gather.