Ecosurety Bristol Assessment Centre



Many of you job seekers may come across the ecosurety graduate roles as they are so aggressively advertised. I attended the AC and have posted a thorough review of what to expect:

So I arrived to Bristol for the ecosurety AC with more excitement than nerves. However, the excitement was soon quashed. Upon entering the conference room, I was told that this AC was for a total of 36 candidates across three roles. This made this AC 3x as large as any AC I had ever been to before.

Now if I had been told this prior to the day - I wouldn’t have bothered to turn up. How a company can practically deduce appropriate employees from 36 candidates in one sitting for a number of varying roles is beyond me. What this portrayed was an attempt to save costs by squeezing in everyone across one day and a lack of time dedicated to their cause in search of new employees. At this point I was out but thought I may as well stick around for the experience.

So how did the day pan out:

Well it begins with a 'speed-interview session.’ You have 1 minute to tell those hiring the following:
Where you are in life - e.g. qualifications, experience, etc
Why you are suited to the role you applied for
Something someone would not know by looking at you

You have to do this with 8 people. I understand this was an attempt to filter out only the best quality answers due to the limited time; but this is just a ridiculous concept. You cannot get to know a person properly in a minute. Plus they were scoring all answers, I think from a scale from 1-4 (not sure). How ridiculous. Quantifying someone before you can even get to know them. Conducting thorough telephone interviews would have been more effective.

We then moved on to the group exercise. This really depends on the group you get and whether they are good enough to work out the problem. Suffice to say it is a good exercise in which you are given cards and have to work out a route from A to B.

Unfortunately one of the answer are missing and you have to work this out and ask the facilitator the RIGHT question for he/she to respond with the right answer which will then help you solve the problem.
The question that needed to be asked in this case was: what is the distance from sec to berylon.

We then had another group exercise. We were left in the same groups. A bit silly that as they should have changed groups around in order to encourage effective team building. A bit frustrating also if you’re stuck with those that are not that intellectually capable across two whole exercises.

In this task we were given a brief in regards to preparing a presentation to the council for a grant to invoke an environmental project in schools.
We had to prepare the presentation and then present it.
The task was poorly worded, poor instructions were given, and none of the presentations actually matched the brief given. (Because the brief was so poorly worded).

But apart from the poor tasks - what really killed it for me was the attitude of one of the ecosurety employees. I will not name or shame. But he did not smile once throughout the day, gave blunt answers to all questions, and generally just looked miserable. Now I wouldn’t want to work for a company that had people with such attitudes like that.

Therefore, I am of the opinion that you should avoid this company unless you are really desperate for a job - just as most of the attendees were.


Dear Anonymous,

Thank you for your feedback following your attendance at our assessment day. We’re really saddened to hear that your experience did not match your expectations of us.

As a member of the ecosurety team on the day and also one of the company’s most recent graduates, I wanted to reply to you to let you know some of our thoughts about why we organised the assessment day the way we did.

Firstly, 36 attendees is a new record for us. We feel it shows a high level of interest in our company and also reflects the high calibre of the applications we received. We simply couldn’t whittle it down anymore!

To give all these high quality applicants a chance, the assessment day was planned for each individual to display their communication, presentation and team working skills, as well as their ability to solve complex problems, in a variety of different scenarios. Some tasks are designed to be ambiguous, it creates pressure and provokes thought, it was the same for me in the previous year!

The questions asked during the speed interviews and the conduct of us during the day is also done on purpose. Think about it like this; not every client will be the same, they won’t ask the same questions and some won’t even be particularly emotive with you. That’s not to say our team isn’t a friendly bunch, we have a great atmosphere and working environment here.

Whilst assessment days are designed to be challenging, they are also designed to give applicants the chance to shine. From my experience at other assessment days before mine with ecosurety, the way our day is organised certainly achieves both.

Finally, a third of attendees reached the next stage, an interview at our Bristol HQ. Offers were made to successful applicants after all the interviews were completed.

If you have any more questions or feedback for us, please feel free to contact me.




  1. If you cannot whittle down the numbers, spend some extra cash on holding additional assessment days. Maybe one day for each role. You are making profits in the millions. You have the money to do this. This will allow you to get to know the participants better. Much better than the impersonal setting you have now. I have had assessment centres at the likes of PwC, Deloitte, BA, etc. and have received offers too from some. The maximum AC size was 15 - which one of the companies apologised as being too large. 36 is more than twice that.

  2. If you’re not willing to spend the extra cash - conduct telephone interviews. Yes, there is a brief chat beforehand - but that does not constitute a telephone interview.

  3. There are two group tasks. Mix the groups up again. I really felt I was in a group which lacked intellectual capability, and thus led to my failure as my team’s failure is also mine. I felt frustrated knowing that when the second task was to begin, the groups were being kept the same. There is also a difference between ambiguity and clear instructions. I was criticising the lack of clarity provided.

  4. I understand your point on your conduct. But I actually only had an issue with one of the ecosurety staff members there on the day. The rest, I thought were great. Mixing positivity with seriousness. Which is fine. However, when a certain staff member is not prone to light-heartnedness and responds with a incredibly serious response to what is meant to be a fun and friendly environment as you describe, then it makes you wonder if they have an attitude problem.

There are some things for you to take on board. There is a lot you can improve on. I wish you the best.