Econometrician as a job

Bank of England
Civil Service Fast Track

(Not sure if I’ve picked the right forum)

Does anyone know much about a career as an econometrician? I have been on the Supply Curve, but it all seems to be experience-essential jobs rather than starter level. Does the lack of a forum for it indicate that jobs in econometrics are few and far between? I know that the Bank of England employs econometricians. Do any of the other banks employ them? What are the salaries like?

Now for my fortunate situation. I have started as a statistician on the civil service’s Fast Stream. That’s great in some ways (money, flexi-time, leave). However, the work is not what I thought it would be. I thought that I’d be using the statistical techniques I used in the econometric modules in my degree. It’s all very basic stuff: whether numbers are going up or down, graphs, percentages, etc. in MS Excel. I know that I’m very lucky to have the job that I have, but I don’t like how the skills I learnt on my Masters are not being used. I’m worried that I’ll forget these skills quickly if I don’t use them, and I did actually enjoy the econometric parts of my MSc dissertation (weird, I know).

I have tried to find out if the civil service employs any econometricians, but nobody seems to know. If they do, I can request a transfer at some point. Everything’s so uncertain in the civil service at present that it makes sense for me to just consider what else I might do in my career.