Easyjet grad scheme 2014



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I realised that there isn’t too much information available on Easyjet’s assessment centres and therefore I felt that it would be valuable to write something to allay the fears of anybody who has been successful in future years. However, Easyjet is an ever changing company, so the format may change next year.

The Easyjet scheme is very small is what I should firstly add. I applied for the finance scheme and the assessment day I attended was the only one they were running for this position. There were eleven candidates on that day and in the end there was only one position, so if you were unsuccessful in your application, keep this in mind. In spite of all this, all the other candidates were friendly and came from a wide variety of universities.

The day began at about 9am with a presentation and ice breaker exercise. The staff and assessors were very laid back and approachable, which I thought was a great indicator to the type of company they are. We firstly underwent an assessed ice-breaker exercise in teams of three of four. Following this we all took part in a group exercise. The task was related to the aviation industry, but all the information was given, so all you need to do is be commercially aware and pay close attention to the figures.
The remaining tasks were spread throughout the days, which meant some people finished the day earlier than others. The free time in fact provided a nice bit of breathing space to chat with other graduates. Around lunchtime we were given lunch and a couple of current graduates came in to talk with us.

Later in the afternoon, I had my presentation. If I remember correctly, I was given twenty minutes to look over the details provided and then make a presentable case from it. Once again, it was aviation related, but all the information needed was provided. The presentation was in front of two individuals and lasted for ten minutes. They then asked ten minutes of questions.

Finally, I had an interview with two individuals. The interview lasted for 45 minutes or so and consisted of questions on why I wanted to work for Easyjet, as well as competencies. On the latter they want quite specific examples, so prepare well for this part.

I don’t want to provide any more detailed information. That should be enough to help allay any fears. I’m not sure how the assessment centre was run for other positions, but hopefully this should be pretty good indicator.