e2v graduate Scheme - Engineering and Technology


I have a telephone interview with e2v tomorrow and I can’t find any advice regarding the interview. Has anyone had any experiences with this company and if so, would they mind sharing it? I’d really appreciate it.

Thank you


I just had the interview and for anyone that is interested in applying, here is what I can remember.

First the recruitment officer will ask a few basic questions like “are you still available for employment?” and “Are you available for the AC if you are successful?”

What was the module that you found most interesting at University?
Do you enjoy working in a team or individually?
Give an example of when you had to rely on another person’s input.
Give an example of when you had to take on responsibility.
Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
Any questions?

There might have been one or two others.

She asked a lot of follow up questions as well. Like if you had any issues with the other person you relied on. That kind of things.

She was very friendly and it did seem a lot more like a conversation than an interview.


And Please can you tell me if you got passed the interview stage. How was the assessment center.


Do you have an assessment centre this friday?


Hey, have u guys been the assessment centre yet? I have one next week. Do u know what it will involve? Thanks :slight_smile: