I finished second assessment day at 3.00 pm for Graduate Audit. However, I have not heard from them. Probably I failed the assessment. Anyone heard from E&Y yet ?


Don’t lose all hope. Give it until the end of the week at least! How was the day? Any parts you felt went really well, or really badly?


I really hate them. At the end of assessment day, one of the guys observing me during the day has a ‘review session’ with me. At the beginning, he told me that he would not mark it, or use it as a assessment tool. Just talked about the tasks I did during the day. Because he relaxed at the beginning, I was ‘off guard’. I was quite honest when reviewing and talking about my performance. On the way back home, I felt that I was quite casual though. I felt like they tried to CHEAT me. If they told me it would be a formal interview, then I structured better ‘diplomatic’ answers.

Anyway, better think about other opportunities.


Does anyone know how different in term of salary pepple at the same level but doing ACCA and ACA get?


ACCA and ACA at the same level? Not sure how often you’d see that tbh.


I mean ppl join the same year but one is doing ACCA and the other doing ACA


People doing ACCA are on about £5000 p.a less than people doing ACA in the regional offices - I’m not sure about London though.