E&Y or Grant Thornton job offer

Grant Thornton

The minimum requirement is a 2:1. Does anyone know how strict they are? If I have a job offer from them, will they reject it if I get a 2:2?


I will advice you to do all you can to get the minimum requirement of 2:1. I think they do check up and are strict with those requirements. Have u already got offered a place by both?


Yeah I have job offers from both but my degree result is being considered at the end of this academic year as I am appealing against the decision due to illness. I am currently only 2% away so hopefully everything will be fine. I was hoping that if things don’t go to plan then maybe they will be lenient given that I’ve proven I’m a good enought candidate by successfully passing through their application process. Does anyone have any experience/know someone who has experience with this? Any information would be greatly appreciated!!


I knew of an individual in the same situation but with PwC, and they unfortunately withdrew their offer. Depends on the company i guess.


I asked Ernst and Young this question, last year they knocked off 80 people nationally for not making the grade. I think in the situation of extenuating circumstances you may be better off to speak to them as soon as possible and discuss your concerns, and establish how lenient they are willing to be. I’m not sure about GT, they’re entry requirements may be lower as they are not a big four. Hope this helps.