E&Y online application - extracurricular activities?


I am planning to apply for part-time audit assistant position in Ernst and Young and have a question before I start filling the form out. The general information on the company web says I need to prepare my photo, college grades etc. prior to filling the form out. Beside that it says I shall mention any extracurricular activities as they are looking for people who are good not only at school. How important this criterion is in the initial screening process - will I get invited to the AC if I don’t have any extracurricular activities worth mentioning? If it indeed is checked and important in the first phase of recruiting, what would you advice me to do - write there?

Thank you for your answers in advance


I don’t see the “edit post” option so I have to write up a new post. I just want to add that aside from the extracurricular activities I should be fine - my English is at pretty decent level, college grades are good as well. I am applying at Czech republic if that’s relevant. Thank you again.


You need to show that you havent just studied the whole way through school without developing any other interests. extra curricular interests develop many of your skill sets. Teamwork, dedication, leadership, self discipline, communication, providing excellence, etc These employers find attractive because not only do they want people who can do the job but people who can work in teams and ‘get on’ with the people they work with etc. Part of that can just be having something else to talk about other than work.

Basically you should write as much as you can about your other interests and what skills you have developed out of these that you could apply to the workplace.

So team sports will help develop, communication, leadership and team work. Whilst Individual sports can develop determination, self discipline and providing excellence skills. Same with music, in a band/orchestra or solo. Other interests can be drama etc. Or independent travel which can develop independence, communication, as well as cutural understanding and broad experience.

You could put volunteer experience down, as this shows dedication, commitment, self discipline etc.

There lots you can talk about - just need to think what you do or have done when not studying. If its hosting social events/organising balls then this is useful as well as can show planning/organisational skills as well as committment etc.

Ideally all they want to see is that you recognise that having a social side is important and spend some of your life having fun. Whilst recognising that the skills from this ‘social side’ helps to make you a better potential employee for the skills that you gain from doing those things.

Lot of people bleat on about “filling their cv’s” and whilst it is important to be able to show you have interests, you can always explain that you do have interests such as … and … but dont find much time to get involved as much as you would like because of … part time job/caring for family/travelling back and forth for study/etc but then describe skills you gain from doing those things you spend doing instead of having extra curricular activities.

Hope this helps a bit…

Lil. x


Thanks a lot Lil. x. Now I understand better what they are trying to achieve by demanding to write about these activities, I think I will base that mainly around sports, movies etc.
Don’t you know how important this aspect is? Would someone not be invited into the AC because of complete lack of this? I will write there something, but just theoretically.


I assume it would be possible for someone to not be invited to an AC as they didnt write anything for extracurricular activities. If you had a strong CV apart from that you may be invited but its definately improtant to show that you have as many interest as possible and are a ‘well rounded person.’ Sports are a common but excellent activity to use. Describe the sports you play, what you’ve achieved doing these sports, any posts of responsibility you have had, and the skills you have developed from these - teamwork, leadership, communication etc.

Lil. x