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I was introduced to this website by one of my good friend. I found it very useful and would like to share some of my experiences.
I just got an offer for TSRS at E&Y in London office!!!, so excited :smiley:

First Round interview
First interview was conducted in London. The interview was very much competency-based. You can expect the common questions like

  • Tell me about the time when you worked in a team.
  • Tell me about the time when you used your initiative to solve a problem or to change something.
  • Tell me about your greatest non-academic achievement.
  • Tell me about the time when you had a deadline to meet.
    Not many competencies for me because we spent quite a long time discuss about my dissertation on computer security which seemed to interest the interviewer.

The assessment centre was not as scary as I thought it would be. I didn’t do the partner interview on the assessment day because the person who was supposed to interview me had to be away to meet clients.
The report writing was about hotel divestment. You can prepare some answers before hand because I don’t think it will be changed. There were a lot of information in there. My advice would be to read quickly and spend some time to structure your report before writing it. There is no such thing as right or wrong answer. I think they are looking for a well-structured and comprehensive report. I was thinking that 90 mins was kind of long but actually I almost ran out of time. So, plan carefully before you start writing.

I don’t have anything much to say about discussion group. I think it is the easiest part. Just be aware of time and be diplomatic on conveying your ideas. Listen to other people carefully, make reasonable comments and be assertive.

Final interview was even more competency-based.
Here are the questions I were asked.

  • Tell me about the time when you exceeded expectation
  • Tell me about the time when you had to work with people who had different backgrounds.
  • Tell me about the time when you have changed something.
  • Tell me about the time when you made a difficult decision.
  • Tell me about the dramatic change in your life.
  • Tell me about the time when you were under high pressure situation.
    Surprisingly, there was no question about E&Y and about why I want to work with E&Y.
    My ultimate advice for the final round interview would be to relax and be friendly. Apart from the competencies part, I think the interview is very much to test whether you can get along well with other people in the company. Don’t be too serious. Relax and also I think it’s a good idea to make a small talk before the interview begins.
    Again, relax and be friendly. You will be fine.

I hope my advice will be helpful :smiley:

By the way, does anyone know about the work permit process. How long does it usually take? Also if I have to start working in August but I will graduate in September, is there any problem with that?

one more thing, does anyone have advice on how to find the affordable and safe place to rent in London?

Thanks in advance.

Enjoy the SUN!!!


Hello FS!

First of all congratulations on your offer! That’s absolutely great news and I hope you’ll be celebrating in the sun this weekend :slight_smile:

Second, great post! This is very useful and warmly appreciated. It will also be of great use to the wiki - Ernst & Young Interview Questions | WikiJob . We’ve just added a share facility to the message boards (see below) that you might like to use - I imagine this is certainly something that lots of people would be interested in! Thank you!

You’ll find that this post receives even more attention if you make a small edit to the title - changing to something like ‘Ernst & Young graduate interviews: application to offer’ could be easier for users to find :smiley:

Now, in answer to your questions.

Work permits: can take a good few weeks, but E&Y HR should be on this already. Your graduation shouldn’t affect things - although you might need your Uni to supply evidence of your studies (with a signed/headed letter) in place of your degree certificate. If you have any doubt, feel free to call HR and chat to them about this. They should be able to give you a more definative answer!

Renting: It’s hard to find anywhere either affordable or compeltely safe in London! …safe areas like clapham, chelsea, Victoria tend to be very expensive. Cheaper places like Kilburn (very cheap), Stratford and Bethnal Green tend to be rather ‘dodgy’! Personally I like Stratford, but it is a little far out of central London.

For cheap AND safe - your best bet is towns like Epsom, Sutton, Surbiton, Kingston and generally places that are in, or outside of zone 4. Not exactly ‘party-central’ …but you’ll be able to find a nice place for £400/month and you almost certainly won’t get any trouble.

If you start a thread on this in the ‘General’ section, you might get other user’s opinions on this too!

Cheers, well done and good luck! :slight_smile:


Thank you Redsuperted for the answers :smiley: