E&Y First Interview Help


Can anyone tell me what are the specific questions asked in E&Y First Interview.
Any help shall be highly acknowledged.


Which service line have you applied for?


I have a first round interview next week, i spoke to someone from HR today and said that it is a ‘strentgh’s’ based interview…lasting about an hour and a half… does anyone have more info on this? I am applying for Corporate tax…


You know there is a wiki specifically on this, here - [[Ernst & Young Interview Questions]]? In fact, we have interview questions profiles for lots of firms! I suggest you all check that out. Search the forums for posts on this too. There are plenty!


Thanks, but apparently they have changed the entire recruitment process this year. They are no longer doing competency based questions for the first interview. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with them this year??


I had my first round interview for tax yesterday. It lasted about 50 minutes and involved lots of quite quick questions.
Some of the questions i got asked were:
Why tax?
What have you done to follow up/learn about tax?
Should there be more hours in the day?
Tell me about your groups of friends?
Do you talk to different groups of friends differently?
Is there a company/brand you admire and if you could ask them some questions what would they be?#
Do you enjoy working in a team?
Have you ever wanted to quit something?
Have you ever put the needs of a team before your own?
Have you ever done something differently second time around?
Have you ever build a relationship with anyone?
Do you prefer starting or finishing?
When have you persuaded someone?
Do you prefer quick action or careful planning?
How do you know your strengths and weaknesses?
Why would you be better than other people?
How would a lecturer describe you?
Would a friend say you are organised?

There was no why e&y and no commercial awareness questions really.
if you have any more questions do get in touch with me!


Thank you so much.
I have applied for a grad position in audit.
It’s a bit counfusing because their previous approach was to check for competencies by asking basic and direct questions.
Can you give me more detail about the iterview.
I shall be very grateful.


It is not unsimilar to a competency based question. It’s still quite direct and obvious what they mean on most and your still expected to give examples from your life, for example on the team work questions but prehaps you don’t need to talk as long as in other types of interviews. On the more abstract ones just be honest because they’re trying to see if you fit in the firm. I was asked a lot of questions (about 20) so you don’t have much time for each. It was more impersonal than other interviews i have done in that they didn’t really chat about what you said at all, it was very question and answer based as opposed to a chat. The general format was similar to others e.g. they tell you about themselves, asked me to tell him a bit about me, then all the questions, then do i have any other questions. Hope this helps!


I applied to EY on the 18th of september for Audit - UK&I and had my first round interview on the 26th september. The manager who interviewed me said that EY had changed the first interview format. He said this took a little of the scope away from the interviewer to be able to ask his own questions.

The new EY first interview has thirty questions in all and I was told was expected to last 90 mins. For some reason they ask you all the odd questions first then go back to the start and ask all the even questions (probably some Physiology test i guess).

The list of questions in the post by samsiebabes is quite accurate. There was no Why EY? question and no commercial awareness questions either. The only question I found fairly tricky was, Tell me about a firm you admire? I would research a company jus so ur prepared for this. I wasn’t and said EY, think I got away with it tho, just about. They do ask why Audit/Tax? in a round about way the question isn’t that direct tho.

The questions are still mostly competency based with examples from ur life required to back up what your saying. Although this isn’t expected or even possible on some of the questions. If you can think of an example to back up what ur saying however, use it.

From my experience there are a number of areas which if ur prepared for you won’t go too far wrong. Competencies are obvious questions ur guna get asked, think of as many life examples as possible, EY only expects one example per question unlike some other firms. Then the standard Why EY? Why Tax/Audit? What factors are affecting the professional services industry at the moment? EY only asked Why Tax/Audit? Think of a company you admire with some background as to why you admire them, this is in the EY interview. Finally understand the service line you have applied to what services they offer. I found this wasn’t too important to know for the EY interview, there weren’t any direct questions on this but it can’t hurt to know anyway.

From what I understand this is the same interview process for Tax and Audit although I assume the questions are very similar or the same for other service lines.

Hope this helps, this site is excellent and has really helped me through the process so if anyone has any further questions I will try and help.


Thankyou so much. :slight_smile:



Please read the questions of samsiebabes and please tell me if any question is left from these.

Thank You


There are more questions, 30 in total, so I think its good going that samsiebabes remembered 18 questions. My interview was 3 weeks ago now and to be honest my recollection of the questions was gone about 10 mins after i had finished the interview. From reading samsiebabes posts I do recall nearly all of those questions in the interview.

Some of the EY questions are fairly random and unusual such as should there be more hours in the day? and is it better to be excited by a project and rush into it or take ur time and research? For these questions you really need to think on your feet and just answer truthfully. For all these questions I sat on the fence really. For more hours in the day I said yes because if you have a work task to finish by a deadline the extra time can help you deliver a more comprehensive package. However no because after a while your work ethic and drive slows and your work becomes less economical. I used research on my dissertation as am example. For rush into work or take time to research I said you need to be enthusiastic so you put your best work in but preparation sets you up to complete the task effectively and economically.



You did a great job remembering 18 questions. :slight_smile:
DO you remember anything else that can be important…any more question…anything.


I have a first round interview at E&Y next week and I would want some help… I applied for audit… any advice would greatly help … thx


I have one next week also, I think we’ve got more then enough help from this thread, Thanks!!

they changed the format but then again, maybe the questions won’t surprise that many people because generally you research into your interview and if you research you would come across this thread,


Don’t worry.
there are alot of vacancies and hardly 1 % would find this thread.
:slight_smile: just prepare your interview. BEST OF LUCK for both of you.
I was supposed to have my interview today over the telephone but the interviewer was busy with a client and so my interview will now be after 3 weeks. ITS FRUSTATING.

Anyways, do tell me about your interview.
You can use my e-mail address as well i.e
( this will maintain confidenciality @ traineewannabee :):slight_smile: )


Hey guys, how did your interviews go?
I was just wondering if you could remember any questions that you were asked that aren’t already in this thread? I have an interview next week and I want to be as prepared as possible!
Thanks :slight_smile:


Sorry, mine got cancelled last time because the person was ill. got it soon though (probably places are nearly full up in london , i don’t know



i had my interview on 13 November…but I haven’t heard anything until now. So how long does it take them to get back to you?..I applied to Advisory


I had my First Interview on a Friday and I was told I had been successful the following Wednesday.