E+Y career progression


Hi everyone I have a senior manager interview at E+Y on Friday. I don’t come from an accounting background so I’m struggling to understand the career progression. Can someone please lay out all teh titles from Grad - Partner. Its in Advisory.

Also, what are the key things that a senior manager does?



I love your humor.
You must be a mangement consultant. You borrow my watch then charge me for advising me the time.


Nope, I’m a lawyer. At a law firm we only have associates, senior associates, and partners. Career progression is up or out. So I don’t know what all these roles are. That’s why I’m asking.


i think you’re missing the previous posters point- you admit you know nothing, yet you might very well be the next boss of the person you’re getting basic advice from. there is a small amount of irony in there…


If you’re interviewing would you not have a job description. Otherwise wouldn’t most people have an idea of what a ‘senior manager’ might do.


I wouldn’t apply for any job having as little knowledge about it as you appear to have.
It seems very strange that a lawyer does not have the initiative to have fully researched the position and at that level of entry expecting some graduates to help you out?
“What are the key things that a senior manager does?” you’re having a laugh. Applying for a job with no job description…LOL
Are you some sort of troll?


Likely troll with a name like that too. Almost as bad as somebody calling themselves bananahammocks or something.


You’ll understand when you’re a bit older that sometimes firms like EY come and offer you a job. I haven’t applied for anything.


Well done. I am ex E & Y. Good luck and enjoy.
Bit silly to approach a kids site like this? who is your line boss going to be?


You say that “firms like EY come and offer you a job” but you’re being interviewed? The logic is if they offer you a job then you don’t need to be interviewed.

Even if you were being headhunted for a ‘potential’ job, then you would still be able to obtain a job description, or if they are creating the job for you, you should have asked the ‘right questions’ as to what your potential job would entail. If you didnt have the common sense to find that out, and yet you’re going for an interview then you must be simply incompetent. Lawyers tend to have learnt to be able to ask the ‘right questions’ and would probably have the brains to think they might want to know what the job would entail before agreeing to go to an interview.

Your story is so full of holes its obviously bullshit.


Well said. Direct and to the point, LiLShorty. I’m presuming you have a grad place for September or will have soon.


Have had two offers and accepted the second. Start middle of September, working in finance for a large UK company. Pretty pleased!


Yes… I have a job description but like i said, I don’t know what the various titles and roles involve in terms of seniority. Anyway, had the interview yesteraday and have already been invited back for a second.


Well, that sounds promising. You’ll probably find that client time recording is slightly easier in our profession as I believe our units are a bit larger. No worries about who you’re going to charge for your comfort break.
Hope it goes well.


Guys, I have a slightly related question. I have been offered a job with EY for IT Advisory and even though I applied for a graduate scheme, the contract I received has “associate” as job title. Do you guys know the title hierarchy within EY? or career progression for a non CA-route scheme

Thank you very much in advance