E&Y Assessment Day


I have an assessment day with E&Y coming up in a week or so. I was wondering if anyone applying for Actuarial had had an assessment day yet and if so do you have any good advice??


Did you do it? How did it go? Did you get the job?


has anyone had an assessment day for actuarial at EY? Is there an interview? Any other tips


EY Assessment day comprised of:

Oral and Written Exercises (very time pressured!)
Interview (reviewing the day and general questions)
Tests (verbal, numerical and diagramatical)

GL !


thanks…what sort of general questions were asked in the interview? Is it commercial awareness? motivation? competencies?


but what exactly is meant by ‘general questions’? any examples???


They could ask you on commercial awareness, motivation and how you think the day went.


Iv attended one and recieved an offer even during the partner interview so any questions please feel free to ask. Also recieved an offer from Deloitte so more than willing to answere any questions people have…


Hi mark9403,

Did you complete an actuarial ac? what location? I’m still waiting to have mine. How was the day like? Thanks in advance!


Mark, how did you prepare for both AC’s? Was this for actuary?