E&Y 2010 intake


does anyone have an idea when the applications for 2010 intake for E&Y will open?


No idea, I’m still waiting for EY as well. Probably going to contact HR at some point this week and see what they say.


maybe 1st week of sep. Altough i am not sure…what about PWC?


yeah usually sept they open

some pwc 2010 positions are open already


like??? when??? is audit open?


go to search vacancies on their website choose intake year 2010 and see for yourself


@gradjobhunter I couldnt find any for 2010 yet. If you know of something thats open now, please let us know


goto Our opportunities then current vacancies select graduate generalist, assurance, 2010 intake and it brings up lots of results

Search Results: Graduate - Generalist / All business streams / Assurance / 2010 / All start dates

67 Result(s) Returned


yeah the audit for 2010 at PWC is open. you could go and check the details out on their website


yea i applied for summer intern 2009 really late…so now have to wait for a couple of weeks for the compulsory 6 month period after which you can apply again.
Thanks guys.
Keep everyone up to date how you are doing!!! Good luck


IS E&Y 2010 open then?


Thanks for sharing the information.


when it asks for education information on the application form, it asks for “education level (achieved)” but the options are “high school diploma/GED”, “bachelor’s degree”, etc
i don’t have a high school diploma because i’m not american, and i have not yet achieved my bachelor’s degree. so does anyone know which i’m expected to select here?

ugh i hate forms.


where are we supposed to enter GCSE and A level details? What about the attachments?


EY applications


Does anybody know when E&Y 2010 will open?


Christina, E&Y2010 is open.
Guys, does anyone know that if I applied for summer internship and was unsuccesful, do I have to wait a full year before I can apply to E&Y again??


Thanks a lot. I searched graduate vacancies in E&Y’s website and found audit opportunities open. But I am not sure whether they are for 2010 intake or 2009 intake.


I think they open this week - in fact it may be today.


anyone given the EY online test?? for 2010 entry