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i jsut did the civil etray exercise on this website. in this e-tray we have to chose one “most likely” and “least likely”…

anyone who has had a deloitte assessment day… is it the same for deloitte? or do u just pick one option??

also, is the difficulty the same? cos i found the etray on this website quite difficult.


also. how do u see what is right and what is wrong?


you choose one option. they state there’s no right or wrong answer. they’re looking at how you would deal with certain situations. for example are you the type who would choose to take on extra responsibilty, or delegate to the most qualified staff or delegate to the employee who doesn’t have anything to do. are you the type who would prioritise certain people’s mail or reply to each person in equal order. there are maybe 2 questions with a few calculations. but even then, its what you do with the answer and how you interprete it which matters.

i personally enjoyed it (a little too much than i should admit).


can u write a few sample questions so i get the jist?

i did the fasttrack and really struggled with it!


ok, so lets say the scenario is that you’re temporarily covering for some guy who’s ill and so you have to look after the tasks he would be dealing with. you get an email saying a client needs a report written by this afternoon at 2pm. so your options are:

  • you write the report yourself
  • {you look up the info on a employee chart} get the best qualified person to do the job
  • {you look up who’s currently available} get the person who’s currently free
  • politely tell the client you will get it done by tomorrow morning

what would you reply?
basically, i’m sure its the same at deloitte, but i had my e-tray at kpmg. before you start the task, they read the competencies they are looking for. jot them down before starting and bear these in mind when answering your emails. for eg, task management: make sure you get all the emails done (i’m sure if you miss 1 or 2, you should be ok)
client focus: in the example question i gave - don’t do the last one, as it shows you’re asking the client to be flexible, when you should be flexible. take client needs into consideration at all times.
some other competency, the name of which i can not remember : prioritise emails that need to be answered by a certain time -i.e, do those first. also, i prioritised my line managers emails, and left the emails of those who were on the same level as me to the last.

hope that helps!


When I did my e-tray for the internship position last year, I failed in it.

What I did was that I answered the mails in order and end up leaving a few questions unanswered

So do you mean that I should look at the email list n see which one to open and answer first?

Also, for the example you gave above, which one do you think is more appropriate?.. I think delegating to someone who is free at the moment is the most suitable one personally speaking because I am probably busy with a lot of other tasks and this could help that delegatee to have something to do

Is this good to think that way?

Cheers noob


Definitely answer them in the order they come. If you dont, you could have problems. And you should finish them if you manage your time accordingly.


I done my e-tray at deloitte and I spent 12 minutes reading all the information in the folders then took my time answering all emails. I mostly answered the emails in order apart from one which i left til the end as it required more work. By pacing myself and not panicking I finished with 5 minutes to spare and passed the e-tray.

So I would say the main thing is to pace yourself and go in a logical order


i dunno, i would still strongly suggest you make sure you answer your line manager’s emails first. when you first start the exercise you have about 10 emails to begin with. i read those through and made a mental note of how i was going to prioritise them. some have deadlines for the same day, so i did those before the others as well.


I would not prioritise. I passed the e-tray by keeping it simple and answering the emails as they arrived and made sure that every one was answered. Of the other people I have spoken to with offers, they did exactly the same. It is not an exercise that tests how you prioritise based on the emails you answer. It is based on the answers given in the emails themselves.


BTW, for the example gave above, which one do you think is more appropriate? anyone has idea?


It’s obvious that you shouldn’t go with option D and make the client wait, but other than that I have NO idea which option would be best. What does everyone think?


I went for the mix as well! but i from the questions I was grilled in I was under the impression I was wrong and that I should have just picked the internet option as it was most profitable…


Hey guys…i ve got an assessment centre coming up i want to practise the real etray questions…how do i do that?..which of the big 4 requires etray to do online? I know pwc and kpmg doesnt…


Just wondering how many emails are there all together? Do you have to relate back to the reference folder for every single email?


About 20 emails. Could be up to 22 depending on your responses. Pretty much all of them require you to look something up in a reference folder.