E.ON Telephone Interview


Hi Guys,

Just wondered if anyone has experience the first competency based telephone interview for E.ON yet? Looks pretty intense and at 60 minutes its one of the longest I will ever do so I want to make sure that I am prepared for it. They gave an example question in the email:
“Tell me about a time when you’ve had to give negative feedback to someone, either a colleague or a friend:

  • Why did you feel you needed to give the feedback?
  • How did you approach them?
  • What did you say?
  • How did they react?
  • What did you learn from the situation?”

Any help would be great


I am also due to have a telephone interview soon. I would appreciate it if you posted what it was like and what questions they asked you!



I’ve also got one coming up…


When are you giving the interview?


Still waiting for the interview, had to reject the first suggested slot as I already had another one at the time


Hi, I have taken this telephone interview and passed it, now through to the final A/C.

It was a nice interview as far as they go, I spoke to a lady from the HR team I think and she was very easy to talk to.

The content is the same as any telephone interview about general competency skills - so team work, leadership, problem solving, etc.

After that were technical questions about the specific role you are applying to, this went into a fair amount of detail so make sure you know a good base around the position you are applying for.

I am looking at a Project Management role so this meant knowing some basic theory surrounding business studies - so I had to have a bit of knowledge about things such as SWOT analysis, PEST analysis, etc.

The interview took around 30 minutes and they got back to me very quickly with a response.

I had to rebook my slot and it did take about a week or so to get another slot offered to me.


Has anyone had any technical questions for the engineering roles? I’m a bit worried about what sort of things they can ask. Revising for other exams at the minute so my mind is pretty blank on engineering fundamentals


Congrats Gizmo. Please do let us know if you got through. :slight_smile:


Hi Gizmo, seems that you have been to the accessment centre already?

I have just filled in their online form, and after I pressed the save button, the webpage closed automatically, was the same happened to you?

And did you hear anything from Eon about your AC outcome? Is it possible to give some details about the AC? Thanks and Good luck! =)


I have got the E.ON a/c tommorow, but not sure I will go as i’ve now got an offer from BarCap which I think I would take anyway…

If I go then i’ll let you know and can give some info on the event


I have got the E.ON a/c tommorow, but not sure I will go as i’ve now got an offer from BarCap which I think I would take anyway…

If I go then i’ll let you know and can give some info on the event


Hi SuccessHunter, which graduate scheme did u apply to at E-on and BarCap? If you do go E-on, please share u r experience. thanks


Hi, it was project management at E.ON and Operations at BarCap.


Hi, has anyone filled in Eon’s online Application Form, which is the stage before the assessment center.
I filled in the form and clicked the save button, the web page just closed automatically, this makes me worried that the contents are not saved.

Can anyone passed through this stage please give some comments?

And any info on the assessment center itself is very much appreciated.


Hi Gizmo,

Thanks a lot for your experience and the detailed summary, it will be very useful information for anyone going to attend the A/C in the future.

I have check with them and they did received my form, I have booked my A/C in March (need to travel in Feb) so really appreciate your advice.

They also mentioned about bringing the driving license over, I am not sure if provisional license will do? :frowning:

Best wishes to your future job application.


Hello guys,

I have an interview for 3 feb. Does anybody know the technical questions for the finance scheme?



When did you receive the interview call?