E.ON technical interview questions?


Hello all,

Has anyone gone through E.on face-to-face technical interview? Any tips? What kind of questions do they ask?
I called them but they cannot give me any insight because it would not be fair for the other graduates. (fair enough…)
The problem is that haven’t found anything on-line about E.ON interviews…Have you?


There’s not a lot about [[E.ON]] online… yet. I’m afraid I haven’t got anything on them either, but I will scout around and hopefullyget some info on this thread… has anyone else had an [[E.ON]] interview?


Can you detail the interview process… I’ll put it in the [[E.ON]] wiki…

Is it:

  • Online application
  • Telephone interview
  • Interview
  • Assessment centre




thanx a lot helixn…
That’s the procedure for me as well.
I have applied for the IT Graduate Scheme, so I guess I will not be asked about “underground transmission lines”…hopefully… :slight_smile: What do you mean I need to know “the basic stuff”?

Did they ask anything that you did not know from your degree? Was the interview in-depth? Where can I study about commercial awareness and the energy industry in general?

Thanx a lot!I really appreciate it… Good luck to your AC!


I searched for the things related to the job in wikipedia.
Stuffs like the general network distribution in the UK, current issues related to the energy industry
In my opinion, they just wanted to know our basic knowledge of the subject. It was not too in depth.
they did ask me something that I didn’t know, so I just be honest to them and tell them that I didn’t know,
so they explained those things to me.
be prepared with some competency based question as well at the beginning of the interview.
‘why do you want to work with e.on’


So,you are telling me that you did not have any idea about this stuff before your research for e.on? WOW! Can I ask you what your degree is about? I am a computer engineer; I hope I will be asked questions related to IT stuff!


I did knew some of the stuffs because most of the stuffs that they asked were things that somebody doing that degree should know
e.g ‘what do we use to step up the voltage in our distribution network?’
quite easy actually
but there are also some stuffs that I couldn’t recall learning in university.
my degree is electrical and electronic engineering


Thank God!!! I was a bit worried when you started telling me about distribution networks… The only networks I know about are the computer networks!!!OK then,I see…

Thanks a lot for telling me about wikipedia…Indeed, it has a very good collection of helpful links! I wish you good luck once again!


how was your interview foteini?


it was successful actually…

It was not difficult, very high level technical questions…

-technology trends
-project lifecycle
-security trends

  • soa advantages and disadvantages

and some situational questions like: if you are assigned 2 projects, how do you choose which one is the most important?..

They were very helpful,you were right!
My AC is on 10 and 11 of February,when is yours?


mine is on 4 and 5 february
i’ll tell you how it goes


great!good luck to u… I look forward to hearing about your experience!


Hi i’ve got my technical interview next week for a chemical engineering industrial placement, was wondering if anyone knows what to expect? I’m not really too sure how to prepare for it! I’ve got an interview which is split into a competency part and technical part and also have to deliver a 15 minute presentation. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks

ps if i pass this part do i attend an assessment centre or is this the final part of the assessment?


I’m sorry. I’m not sure how the assessment will be for industrial placements. For the competency based part, i guess you’ll just have to be prepared with the usual stuffs and for the technical stuffs, just be prepared with some situational stuffs. Everything will be ok. They won’t expect you to know these technical stuffs in detail. Just make sure that you have a good understanding of all the basic chemical engineering concepts.


E.on is axing 450 jobs all over UK. This is not good. what do you guys think?


foteini, my AC on 4th and 5th has been cancelled and they rescheduled me to attend an AC on the 16th. How about you?


I have technical interview with E.on next week,does anyone has info on what they ask for Engineering services graduate postion.Thanks


No,they didn’t say anything about it… Mine is on 10 and 11…Did they tell you why it was cancelled? And they just told you 2 days before the ac?frustrating…


Sounds interesting and challenging…THANX VERY MUCH for the info Helixn…I will let u know about my AC next week,ok?good luck with your preparation…

thanks again,


foteini, how was your AC?