E.ON Grad Scheme Finance


Hi guys

I have an AC for E.ON coming up, for their Graduate Finance scheme.

I dont know much about it yet, as their email was particularly vague. It didnt even say what time to turn up! Anyway, check in is from 3pm so will just arrive around then and assume its a relaxed start.

Please could you give me some pointers on what to expect on the day, if you have been been?

I know there I have a presentation to do. Is this to be delivered to the whole group, or to a panel of staff to start of an interview? They asked us to bring handouts for the audience… how many should I bring?

Theres also a case study, role play and group exercise. Is there any particular tips you could give me on these, or any particular aspects of business that would be good to brush up on or have some knowledge of, beforehand?

Since the telephone interview was competency based, will there be any competency qs in the face to face interview? How many can I expect to interview me? If there were competencies in your interview, were they on any particular competencies or just a random bunch?

I would really appreciate any tips you can give me. I’m going to put up lots of threads on here when I finally get a job, and am in the process of writing one for my recent experience at a BAE AC.



Oh, and can I expect any technical questons, and if so what could they ask?
Oh and one more!.. :blush: Is the day likely to be full of people applying to the SAME scheme or would it be mixed?

Thanks! x


Hi mate, are you there for today’s/tomorrow’s AC?