E-On Engineering Graduate Scheme Interview


Hi Guys!

Could anyone who has been to one of E-On’s engineering graduate scheme interview share their experience in regards to the type of technical and general questions asked?

I have an interview with them coming up soon for the electrical engineering graduate scheme and I don’t know what to expect on technical questions.

Can someone give some tips?


hi, i believe there’s another thread on this.

i’ve been to e.on central networks assessment centre. i gave out some interview tips in that thread. have a look


Tks helixn, very helpful indeed.


Hello Jami,

I also apply for the energy service scheme and will be interviewed tomorrow.
What’s going on your interview? Are you invited for the assessment center?

I will let you know what’s going on tomorrow or Wednesday.



How long after doing the online tests did you find out you were invited to interview? Did them about 10-14 days ago but haven’t heard back yet.



It wasn’t long after I heard from E-on, about five working days later I think. You can give them a call if you prefer!

What scheme did you apply for?




Engineering, will contact them I think.




Hi zhiliao994,

I’ve got my interview in 2 weeks, but applied for the e-on engineering, so i’m guessin they’ll be slightly thesame technical interviews…can you let us know how difficult it was…good luck !


Hi, I’ve just tried accessing the link above to get an idea about the types of technical question’s asked by EON, however, it says I’m not authorised to do so. Any particular reason why? If anyone can post what’s written there on this thread I’d be very grateful.


Hi helixn,

This is Alex from Singapore :slight_smile: I’ve been reading abit about your experiences on applications with E.ON, and will like to find out more from you.

I’ve just recently applied to E.ON in Duesseldorf for their graduates programme, and passed their online assessment test. I’m guessing that I will be receiving information pertaining to the telephone interview soon. Do you happen to know what should I be expecting from their telephone interviews (questions and sorts)? Have you taken part in any of the activities at the e.on assessment center? What is it like, and what do think I should be wary of?

Will appreciate alot if you can advise me on this issue :slight_smile:


I cannot access this link as well… Don’t know why =((


hello every1…

i recieved a mail stating to book slots fr AC…what abt u guys?..any good news…


Hi shannindia,

I received the same mail last friday. I booked my assessment centre for May. I need to prepare myself. Have you got any link where I can find information regarding this AC? When and where is your assessment centre? mine is in Nottingham.



hi albertolp.

I am still lookin for some information regarding the AC…mine is also in nottingham on the 10th of may…I would let u know if i get some info…Hows ur preparation?..I havent started literally anythin yet…


Hi shannindia,

My AC is on the 10th as well. I havent found much information yet, I guess we’ll have to take psychometric tests again. I’m preparing a self-presentation. Let me know if you have more information.


hi albert…
i got a call on thursday and My AC date has been changed to 15th and 16th of this month…did u recieve any changes?..


Hi shannindia,

I’ve just got a call from eon. My assessment centre has been changed to the 15th as yours. I went to my university’s career service and got some information about ACs. If you want I can send them to you, just give me you email. Are you applying for the Engineering Graduate Programme? I’m electrical engineer. I’m also revising some important topics relating to my career, just in case of a technical interview. I’m looking forward to meeting you next Monday.


Hello Albert ,

Gud to hear from u,
my email ID is shannindia@gmail.com, Even i had applied for this engineering scheme n am electrical engineer as well, could u send me the details to my email,
thanks, meet u soon, i dont know wat to prepare, still looking for information.