E.on Assessment Centre


Hy all,

Has anyone been to Assessment Centre with E.on?
What was it like?



There’s very limited info on the [[E.On]] interview profile. …would be good to get some more if anyone has some?


I’ve started a thread for E.on here, but there’s no reply, so I had to ask somewhere else



is anybody going to the Eon Assessment day on 18 October? I would be happy to bounce some ideas of each other.




hello benedikt, i will be at the assessment day on monday 18th october. Hows your presentation going?


hey benedikt il see you at the assessment day. My names Mitul


re benedikt and mitul

Good luck to both of you and I hope you will perform up to the standard and will surely get the job.
I wonder if you can share your experiences here as I have my assessment on 6th December.
they also asked to bring one thing to the assessment and im still not sure what to take, any idea?


Hi Benedikt

how was your assessment day? I have mine on 6th December and I’ll appreciate if you can give me some details and advice about the day and exercises.

Good luck




Hi guys,

Just got through to the assessment centre, anyone got any advice?


Hi fizz1,

My ac, is in February, but I was offered the December the 6th one today due to someone else dropping out. I can’t go due to a holiday, but I was wondering was there any other dates available to you and what scheme have you applied for?




Evening Everyone,

I’ll be at the one on the 22nd of Nov. If anyone has any advice that’d be awesome.




Point out to them that your name rhymes with E.ON :slight_smile:


Hi Ron
Good luck mate. I would b grateful if you share your experience of ac with us.
Best wishes


Hi All

is anyone going for AC on 6th Dec?



How did it go for Ron?


Hi there, is anyone going to the Assessment Centre on November 30? It would be great to get some tips from the people who have already been to E.On’s AC. Thanks!


Presentation, Roleplay, Group and interview

That’s what I had about a year ago and I only nailed the interview.

It’s a lot like the phone interview except there was a little presentation about yourself.

I’m gonna be a touch cryptic and say it’s not about getting the right answer! :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s where i went wrong.


Thanks! So why didn’t the rest of the centre go well for you? And is the roleplay with the other candidates or E.On employees? Is it about a stressful situation and problems during a project? Finally, is there a way to prepare for the case study? Many thanks!


I’ve already said where I went wrong in my previous post not gonna go into more detail.

The group work is a roleplay situation with other candidates. The proper roleplay is with an Eon employee. It’s about solving issues that this individual is having.

The case study is enormous so the best advice I can give you is stay calm and prioritise. I know it sounds obvious but that’s all I got! :smiley: