E-ON Assessment Centre 17th November


Hi Guys,

I was wondering if anybody has an E-ON assessment centre coming up, or if anyone who has previously had one had an advice on it as I’m quite nervous and really want the job. I applied for the IT and Business Change Undergrad. I’m feeling alright about the object and presentation but have no idea what the group work and role play will be about.

Thanks in advice,



Hi John,

I’m going to an assessment centre next week and I was just wondering how yours went?? I still have no idea what object to take for the presentation…! Any feedback on your day would be really useful.



Hi Beth,

E-ON turned out to be a bit of a disaster for me! I got a call before the assessment centre explaining it was cancelled until further notice. After Christmas I got another call explaining the scheme I had applied for had been cancelled and they wanted to change my application over to Financial Forecasting.

I’ve since withdrawn my application which was gutting. I had a few ideas for objects; the one I was going to go with was play dough. I planned to make objects before the assessment centre that I thought represented myself and skills then freeze them! I was going to make a car to represent continuous learning new skills and my ‘drive’ to push myself. A couple of play dough men to represent myself as the individual and team player and something cheesy like taking them out of the box representing how I think outside the box and saying I can adapt to new environments by obviously having the play dough come out the box in a different environment.

Hope this helps and good luck!

Out of interest, what scheme are you going for?


That’s really interesting - they did exactly the same to me; I applied for the renewable energies track and they emailed to say it had been withdrawn and wanted to move me to the ‘new technologies’ scheme instead. I’ve continued with my application anyway though.

The play dough is a good idea, I bet you were gutted you didn’t have an excuse to spend an afternoon making play dough men :slight_smile: I think I’m going to take a wooden puzzle thing my maths teacher gave to me in school, I suppose it matters what you say more than the actual object.

Thanks for your help, I hope you’ve found some other options to pursue since withdrawing from E-ON. Good luck in whatever you’re doing!!