E.ON Assessment Center 31. Aug 2013?


Does anybody have any information about previous E.ON Assessment Centers (IT Trainee)? I have read a lot of useful information on this forum but most of it seems to be out-dated.
If anyone is willing to share some experiences?

The most important thing I am curious about is how many people will get the job? I know that there will be around 10 candidates present on the day of the AC, but does anyone know any percentage of how many people will get the job? Is it just 1 or can it be more? I would appreciate any information.


Hey, I will also attend the E.ON Assessment Center(IT trainee). How do you know that there would be around 10 candidates? I have no clue for preparing the interview. Are you in Germany now?


I dont know it 100%, but everywhere I found information on EGP it says that there will be round 8 - 10 candidates participating. But I am wondering how many they will employ? Do you know anything about this?

I am not in Germany, I will arrive from another country, what about you? I also do not have a lot information, i just know that we are supposed to prepare a self presentation. But what I have read here on wiki job is useful although many people don’t want to share experiences. But it seems to me that we will have at least a case study, a group discussion and some kind of role play. Everyone is just giving the tip to be yourself, this is the best advice.

Do you have any more information maybe?