E-mail from Grant Thornton

Grant Thornton


What does this mean? I received this e-mail about 2 weeks ago. I only went through the appliction form for a tax graduate scheme.

Dear Isabella

Thank you for your recent application to join our Tax Graduate Trainee programme. Unfortunately, it has been necessary to place your application on hold at this time until the outcome of recent offers we have made to other candidates is known. We will be in touch again in the New Year. Meanwhile, if you would like your application to be considered for your second choice location or second choice business stream, please can you let me know, indicating which.

Many thanks for your patience during this time.

Does this mean i have been rejected outright?

Anyway, got a first interview in the New Year with PwC…so nervous! Any tips?

Thank you.


They’re just checking to see how many places are left after they deal with all the people who have already replied.
When they’ve worked out if theres any spaces left they will let you know.
Its not an outright rejection no, which office did you apply?


I started applying to the accounting firms in early December so I thought I left it a bit late and all the places would have been filled by then so I was surprised to see there were still some places left. I hope I still have a chance. I applied for the Birmingham office. I would rather go to a Birmingham office and do Tax but my second choices would be London and the audit stream.


I just got an email from GT saying that my app is on hold as well but I can change to a different location. I have asked if there are any vacancies in another location, lets see what happens!



My GT application is on hold too, they emailed me the notification in mid-December. I’ve emailed them to ask for an update on the situation but no reply yet. I applied for London office and haven’t considered regional offices yet.

Belalkulasy, which office did you apply to? Do you think you will change to a different location?

Does anyone have experience from previous years on the likelihood that spaces will become available?



Hi klt,

I applied for the audit grad scheme in London - I have emailed them to ask if they can transfer to another location near me. I did that today and so I’m still waiting for a reply. I hope I wasn’t too late!


Thanks guys,

I received an email on the update on the situation and they said they were currently holding final round interviews for the remaining positions, but they cannot disclose how many positions are left :frowning:

I’ll let you know if I get any other updates.

I’m not sure whether I should hold on a bit longer or just to transfer my app to another location!


klt my application to Grant Thornton’s London office has been on hold since the 23/10/2009, so it looks like there may be a lot of applications on hold. I applied for an ACA Audit trainee role commencing in September 2010 . They sent me an update in December to ask me if I would like to continue to hold my application. It doesn’t look promising that my application is going to be progressing any time soon. I’ve accepted a different position now so good luck and I hope you hear soon!

First Email 23/10:

Congratulations, you have successfully passed the online tests.

Having received a high number of applications, we have now filled a number of our vacancies. Due to a large volume of candidates at further stages, your application has been put on hold until we have processed these candidates.

Second email 16/12:

Thank you for your application to the Audit graduate trainee position in London, it is still on hold due to the large volume of applications we are currently dealing with. We appreciate your patience and will do our best do deal with your application as soon as we can.