E and Y Graduate Tax Application?

The Graduate

Hi guys.

Sorry I’m new here and I dont know if this is a silly question or not however I was trying to apply for the graduate scheme at E & Y in the Tax department and found they were not taking applications although the other departments were.

Do the Tax applications open at a later date? If so, when?

Many Thanks.


hey hoping to make it,

I am trying to apply for E & Y tax dept too and I found the same thing. I tried to give them a call and they told me that they took mostly interns from this year and if there are any places left they will post them I just have to keep on checking. However, I think for this year there are no places for tax i guess or they might open at a late date.

Do you know anything about it. and one more thing are you still waiting to apply for tax or you have applied for something else?