DWF Assessment day


Has anyone been to an assessment day at DWF? I am a bit worried about the presentation, as they give you a topic on the day, and wondered if anyone knows what the topics might be?

I appreciate it.




Hey, which one are you going to, I’m on the one in Liverpool, morning of the 27th and the part Im most nervous about is the presentation too! I am sure everyone feels the same and have no clue what they could ask us on. I am thinking that by giving us the topic on the day, it will be less about all the content and knowledge we have about the subject but more about how you present yourself.

Good luck!



Hey Francesca, I’m going to the Leeds one, on the 26th.

Do you have any idea what sort of topics they would give us? From what I can gather, it will be some sort of commercial awareness topic, but hopefully its a broad topic or we get a choice, as the idea of something really specific that you don’t know how to answer is quite worrying!

It’s true that we’re all in the same boat, though. I’ms sure they don’t expect perfect presentations!

Good luck to you too.

Let me know how you get on!



Hi there,

I have an interview with DWF (London) next week.

Can anyone tell me what if involves, or perhaps give me some hints and tips!?