I am currently waiting for the result of my Dunnhumby telephone interview which I had afew weeks ago, and I am wondering if anybody else is in the same boat? Have you heard from them yet?

Is there anybody who has experienced the Dunnhumby selection in previous years??


I know it’s now November, but I was called back 2 hours after my phone interview - and have been successful.

Just wondering if you were also successful and if you could pass any information regarding the assessment day?


Hey, could you please tell me about your experience with dunnhumby? It would be greatly appreciated! Thanks a million!


Hi guys,

Can anyone give me any tips of the Dunnhumby telephone interview? What sort of questions do they ask?


Hi R3,

Have you been invited to the telephone interview? I’ve just completed my online test, and someone else on here says that they had theirs out of the blue and unplanned, is this your experience?

I presume that they will be assessing candidates on the 4 competencies on the recruitment part of the website (customer first, etc) so am I planning on making sure I can provide example for when I have displayed these…


Hi alf88,

I am about to the online test so not had a telephone interview. Fair enough that sounds the likely scenario that they will test us on the 4 competencies. Thanks. Let me know how it does if you get an interview. I’ll let you know if I get an interview before you.


Hey ALL,

Any tips for the ONLINE test…Any information is much appreciated…



Hi alf88,

Where are the competencies listed on the Dunnhumby website? I can’t find them.


Hey R3,

The competency questions are the ones which you had completed during your online application. Hope this helps…

PLease forward any tips regarding the online test…

Thank you

ALL the very best


R3 - http://www.dunnhumby.com/uk/join-us-great-talent-apply-here

I presume they are the main competencies they look for when assessing the grads as the application questions seem to align to them…


Hey, how did you find out about the results of your online test? I just completed mine and I’m wondering whether I passed or not. Thanks a lot in advance and best of luck for the future!



No news yet…


Hi Guys

I’ve got a telephone interview with Dunnhumby coming up and was just wondering whether anybody has had one yet and roughly what they ask about?

For anybody asking about the online tests they aren’t too bad, especially in comparison to some other companies, just don’t panic! I heard that I was successful about a week later.

Good luck to everyone

Any help much appreciated!


Thanks LewsTherin,

I think I did mine about a week ago, and yet to hear… Hmm. Will let you know when I do and if I have my phone interview before you. Did they arrange a date? Someone else on here said they had theres out of the blue which would not be nice!

Good luck


I think they intended mine to be out of the blue but because I was at work and hence couldn’t pick up the call I got prior warning!

I think they may give you the option to do it then and there but you could always make and excuse to buy yourself a little preparation time!

Good luck alf, let me know how your application progresses!


Aaaah, ok. Chances are that I too will be at work but if I’m not I will surely say that I am!



Still nothing!

LewsTherin - have you had your phone interview? How was it? It’s now over a week since I took the test, sounds like my experience is very different to yours!



Hi Alf

I had my phone interview last Thursday and was called the next day and informed that I’d been successful. Its a pretty standard telephone interview, asking general questions about why Dunnhumby and some general competency questions similar to other firms and then you can ask your interviewer questions at the end if you like!

I’ve got an assessment centre on the 26th but I don’t really know what the Dunnhumby assessment day consists of! If anyone could offer me any insight into this then please let me know.

Good luck again everyone!


Hey LewsTherin,

Congratulations! Very well done indeed and thank you for the useful info on the phone interviews. I have no experience regarding the assessment day but I guess it could potentially be done by the same company that did the numeracy test. This is just a guess, though and not even a very inventive one :slight_smile: In any case, it may be a starting point: http://www.kenexa.com/assessments/what-we-assess
Best of luck and keep in touch!


Cheers for the link bog, I suppose thats not a bad idea!

I will have a look through the site.

I will report back after ny assessment day about how it goes and what it involves, in the meantime if anybody has any flashes of inspiration as to what the day consists of then please let me know!