Does anyone know the structure of the Telephone interview?

Or has anyone experienced the interview…

Any advice would be really helpful, as there doesn;t seem to be much online tbh.

Thank you.


Hey reddevil,
ive heard they’re competency based, on the dunnhumby website they have the competencies they expect from employees. I would say use SHL website and do their personality tests as well. With every company they always assess numerical skills and do a personality test but given dunnhumby only do the numerical test online it’s standard to get a better understanding of someone’s personality over the phone. Try talking to one of the guys who had it last year, maybe you can private message them and if they use the same email they’ll sympathise with you and reply :slight_smile:

umum also, iv got my numerical test to do, I know it’s psl because I recognised the link, 30mins… Meaning 30 questions right? I’m guessing you found it a breeze as you’ve past this stage a while ago hahaha!


If I recall correctly it was 20 questions. Have my phone interview today. By the competencies do u mean- passion, curiosity etc?


Yes! Like behavioural: leadership, cooperation, enthusiam, sensitivity, willingness to learn! GO GET EM!!! Nail it :slight_smile:


If I was in your position I’d have notes infront of me that cover the competencies outlined on their website, have their webpage on screen infront of u as well, that way you know you’ve covered all areas and whatthe underlying questions wants to address


Hey Everyone,

I’ve realised there is limited information on Dunnhumby interview so I thought I would give some information on the telephone interview process… Mine only lasted for about 20 minutes (Very short!). Most were competency and career motivation questions.

First they wanted to understand career motivations:
Why dunnhumby?
Why are you a good candidate?
What are the benefits of a graduate scheme?

Other questions included:
What is the best piece of advice you have been given?
What is the biggest challenge you have faced?

And finallly, for one of the questions its very important to know what dunnhumby actually do and what their strategy is… so defo read up on the website and some of the case studies as these will help!