I have been asked to take up a online Numeracy test for dunnhumby! Can you please advice what is this test all about ? I! Please give me a complete information on the Dunnhumby recruitment process as it would be invaluabe to me. Thanks so much for your time and patience



Hello! Have you completed the test? If its no trouble, could you please let me know what it was like? Also, how long did it take until they replied to your application? Thanks a lot in advance!



I havent taken it yet as they are yet to provide details about it. I guess it took them about 4-5 weeks to respond. I am also sincerely looking for advice to take up the test and if you do get to kno any piece of information, i would consider it. Thanks so much for your time


hey eddie14

how did you get on??

@boglarka - you have any luck either? I’ve got to do mine soon, but they mentioned some random company that I’ve not heard of before… not the usual PSL/SHL anyway!

Would really appreciate some help guys, cheers!


Hey Blueman,

I have to take up soon…any advice and any information is much appreciated…Is it close to the practise tests of SHl…

PLease do let me kno


Don’t worry about it its not particularly difficult, a lot easier than the others I have done anyway, you should have time to complete most of it. It’s with a company I’ve never seen before andI cant remember their name!

Although I haven’t heard back yet so maybe don’t take my advice!



I took mine last week and unfortunately didn’t pass. Answered 15 of the 20 questions in 20 minutes and blind guessed the rest. Pretty sure I got a minimum of 12/20 which just didn’t cut it. Mainly reading information from graphs and tables, identifying companies with most sales etc. and calculating %age increases and decreases. Ie. if increase in sales continues at the same rate as from 1999 to 2000 what would be the forecasted sales figure for 2001. Also, be sure to brush up on currency conversions: you’ll probably be given a table with a variety of currencies equivalent to £1 and asked something like if I change £2000 to HK then change to USD in year 2 how much more or less would i get than if I had completed the same transaction in year 1.

Hope it helps. Best of luck.



Sorry!! Bad Luck!!

I took mine 2dy…Was okay…I guess…What is the time frame that they would get back?

ALl the best and thank u


Hey! I did mine today- I thought it was just like the SHL one (perhaps a little even harder). @ Vish- how did you find out whether you passed or not? Thanks a lot in advance!


You’ll get an email in a day or two. Best of luck.


Thanks Vish! Quite nervous :slight_smile: Best to you, too!


I’ve still had no news, I’m worried that you are all finding it hard, because I found it easier than normal!

Will let you know when I hear, but I don’t think it’s looking good for me…


Hey alf88, I think its looking good for you. You will probably get a phone interview scheduled soon- since Vish got his rejection a day or two later, no news is good news I guess.
Best of luck and let us know how it went!


Hey guys

I took the test last wednesday and the guy rang me today at work to arrange an interview so no news is probably good news!

I answered 19 out of the 20 questions but I don’t know how many I got right!

Thinking about it this isn’t a particularly helpful post so sorry! Anyway good luck to you all!


Hey alf88, have you heard back yet?


Nope! Have you? I’m tempted to ring them…


I haven’t herd either. Will let you know if/when I do. Well, I guess you can wait a bit more and then just ring them up. Let me know what happens! Best of luck!


I took mine yesterday - bit delayed but have just been WAY too busy to practice. regrettably i didn’t prepare enough and struggled on the last few qs, and so am waiting for a probable rejection :(!!

It’s normal that they reject you within a day or two of your test and so if you guys havent heard back then def consider it a good sign!! don’t be afriad to give them a shout and ask on status of your application. What’s the worst that can happen? If uyou keep hassling them then that’s different but no harm in asking a question. good luck you guys!


I’ve sent an email to the person who contacted me about the Test, she’s yet to get back to me.

I did get a missed call on Tuesday from a withheld number but I couldn’t answer as I was at work - but they didn’t leave a voicemail. Which is odd!

I think I am in a ‘maybe’ pile!

Will keep you all informed, good luck everyone!



Hey Alf,

Hope all works out for you, best of luck!!! Keep us updated.