Dummy's guide to getting successful job offers!


Hi everyone,

I wanted to share my overall personal experience and tips with prospective graduate job seekers (in a rush so grammar not proof read). I recently received 2 job offers for Consulting positions from both Deloitte and Accenture. Didn’t bother applying any more although regret not trying MBBB firms!

I did my master’s in electronic engineering from Imperial College London. Honestly, that doesn’t matter as long as you’re from a fairly decent university as people from Aston uni (my undergrad) and others do fairly well too if your application form and extra curricular experiences are good.

For the online tests they’re not too hard (Accenture doesn’t have any tests for eg.). Just do few practice ones which are free on SHL/PSL/Saville Consulting sites and dive in! I failed few too…sometimes you could get a friend to help (no moral police please…we all do it) you if you’re not confident but make sure you also work and see and understand them cos some company’s retest. I did fail a few tests (KPMG, atos origin) but mostly they’re general maths n addition/multiplication/percentages based.

For the interview and assessment centres…it’s WIKIJOBS WIKIJOBS WIKIJOBS!! This site saved my a&& seriously. Every thing u need to know (inc. specific questions and case scenarios asked) is available on the multiple discussion threads, esp. for big companies like accenture/deloitte/pwc etc etc etc… Read/search/read/search and ask people for more info. You have everything here so just prepare/cram up/fake ur personality etc.

In interviews speak honestly and confidently and don’t appear robotic or pre-prepared. Know examples for competency questions but don’t cram em up cos you’ll get even more nervous if u try to follow a learnt speech. If u know the example in ur head…it’s easy to speak about it. Engage the interviewer and sound excited and fresh! In assessment centres work fast and don’t be scared…everyone else is…just stay calm and focus and WORK FAST! It helps being good with case scenarios…I love them!

Also pay attention to application form questions/cover letters…put effort into them and use good language and personal touches like “I don’t want to work for or settle for second best blah blah”…it works!! Don’t just copy from their site…use ur words…they understand.

For the company just few hours research on their graduate and main sites and on google/wikipedia for news is enough and not that hard to do. U have to put in effort at the end of the day.

Hope that helps…be confident and believe in yourself. If you’re not a native English speaker like me (on paper, but I’m comfortable with English being an Indian from a big city) then put in effort to improve your grammar/accent/pronunciation (PwC telephone interviewer rejected me cos apparently she struggled to understand me at time…what BS!). Let me know if u need any thing else.

In March when EY rejected me in the final round (my first ever application), I was gutted and felt like crap until last Friday…when I received both my offers!
PLAY THE GAME AND ENJOY IT…like u have a choice haha!

Good luck!!


Thank you for your insight!Which service line did you apply for in Deloitte?


You’re welcome!
Consulting - Operations.


I went for Enterprise Applications but I was not successful do you mind sharing your experiance of the Deloitte Assessment Day? How was the e-tray (was this based on Trafford Lea?), how did you find the group exercise, did your group make a decision? how did you find the partner interview (This is where I failed big time!).


Is this “I don’t want to work for or settle for second best blah blah” a personal touch - sounds like a stock phrase to me?


well you took it out of context as It wasn’t exactly as general and crude sounding. I was just implying that most people just write general facts about the company that anyone can find via google instead of telling them why YOU fancy the company and why YOU would fit them due to your high achievements.

If one writes “I have worked very hard for the last 5 years to be at top universities and get top results there and this is not just another application for me” or “I
have the motivation, relevant achievements/skills and a real opportunity to do justice to my long term ambitions, so I don’t want to settle forsecond best!” does this sound stock? You’d be surprised how many don’t do such things and make it very generalist and quote the company’s awards/clients/revenue etc…

Also this was to imply that cheese works…so dont be afraid to go all sentimental…would you agree?



Hey Cyborg,
How was EY’s AC?? I have an AC coming up and I don’t know what to expect. I have an interview with a partner on the same say as well. What feedback did they give you?? What is it you didn’t do right?? Pls let me know! Thanks


Hi, for the ey ac I’d say cram up everything from the “the new ey ac” thread on here as it has everything…literally!
In terms of difficulty I found it harder than the others. If you’re calm it’s ok…i was very nervous n screwed up a lot, something I rectified for others cos staying calm n methodical is the key. Just read all info, there’s only basic prep needed, use common sense, work fast n don’t panic. If you do that (be composed) you’ll sail through. That was my downfall being my first ever ac. All the best n lemme know ok.


Hey Cyborg,
Thanks. I’m looking for the new ey ac thread but I can’t fine it. Pls can you put up the link??? I’ll try not to be nervous, but it’s my first AC as well. Will let you know of the outcome. Thanks


In forums under accounting & professional services…here u go:



Thanks cyborg. Let me know when you hear back from EY


Hear back from ey?! I told u i didn’t get through and that was back in march. Now I happily work for Deloitte in consulting. Cheers.


Oh, that’s great!! Good for you!!! How was the group exercise for you?? I hear that’s where you’re graded the most.


Hey Cyborg,

you said earlier in the thread you recieved offers from both Deloitte and Accenture, what made you choose Deloite?


Just the fact that their market reputation and penetration is higher, they are more respected esp. for quality work compared to accenture’s go in cheap and over charge approach which is mainly IT dominated.

Deloitte’s work environment is also more relaxed and supportive I hear. Overall just that I got a better feel from them and everyone said they are more respected and is a better start for my career. Both are big names mind you, if only one has to choose.