DTT AC on Audit: What will happen if I lied about "where else have you applied"??


I went to DTT Assessment centre, and the partner asked me "Where else have you applied?

I said PWC (got interview), E&Y (got interview) and KPMG (pending)

But in fact, I have so far applied to Deloitte among all accounting firms, and all my other applications were made to investment banks!

I am now very worried that the HR will find out I was lying about it!
Should I now make applications to other big 4s to ‘stitch the hole’ ??
Would they be able to check my details in other firms’ database??


Haha no i wouldn’t worry at all. Firms don’t share candidates details like that! You should be absolutely fine. However, investment banks aren’t really hiring at the moment. The probability of getting into a [[Big 4]] accounting firms is about 8:1 so I would strongly recommend applying to the others if you are at all interested. All firms will offer you roughly the same working experience.


yea i got asked the same question in both deloitte and kpmg first interview. The deloitte one specifically wanted to hear company names and the KPMG one said “dont answer this if you dont want to…” but either way they wont have access to your other applications. I dont actually know why they ask you…


One of the reasons they ask is to give you a chance to demonstrate that you have a commitment to a particular area. If you replied with “Oh I’ve applied here and there and I’m also looking into an overseas work placement” then you’d be sending out a clear message that you didn’t really know what you wanted to do and you were not that committed to a career in accounting/investment banking.


I think you did well by telling that you applied only BIG4. it signals a goodness of commitment to the industry. good luck. keep quiet about your investment bank applications.




Incidently, did you get the job?