DSM Talent Pull Finance & Control on May 23&24


Hello everybody,

I have been invited to the Assessment Centre(AC) of DSM, the Dutch life science and performance materials company for entry-level positions in Finance & Control. I am trying to find out how it is going to be the AC but it seems like there is not much information on the internet. I just wonder whether any of you had attended to this event in previous years. It is also going to be my first AC and I am a bit uninformed about what to expect.

Thanks in advance and good luck to all!


Hi there Suzanne, I have also been invited to the assessment centre at Sittard in exactly 1 week from now. I received the program schedule a couple of days ago, and it seems like it is going to be quite long, the 2 days at the assessment centre! How are you preparing for it?


I spoke to my friends who attended the interview last year. the successful ones told me told me that the important things are 1) to be confident of speaking 2) to be spontaneous. 3) to be involved in groupwork, but not trying to be the leader all the time. 4) smile always :slight_smile:


Hey! Thank you for your posts. Well, I try to read as much as possible about the company. I was not that much familiar with its business and so on, so I try to understand their strategy, vision, etc. The rest is more or less a simple preperation I would say.

I was also thinking that there would definitely be some numerical tests, as it is organised for positions in Finance & Controlling. So I am a bit surprised that we are not gonna have such tests at the Assessment Centre.

I wonder whether we will be asked some complex, difficult cases or questions related to Finance in the case assignment or during the interviews. Do you have any idea about it? I mean otherwise it would look like more an AC for General Management than Finance, no? So I guess we’ll have a case maybe about Corporate Finance, etc. Do you know what your friends have been asked for example? I’ll be glad if you could help me with that!

Good luck in advance & I hope that we’ll get the offer!